Our nannies got hired Christmas day to play with a TON of kids who were mostly Jewish, but all religions also as they wanted something fun to do on the holiday. Also a few of us got together and played our games and told our stories to some kids at a charity who had nothing, we did it for free for a MB who runs the charity. What was your most fun thing you di for the holidays? AND - we here at ISYN wish all of the readers posters and beyond and your families a very safe holiday season !!!!


Confused said...

What happened to this blog? Seriously...

Leigh Raymer said...

confused: the original owner sold the blog - it was too time consuming with children and there was an element on the blog that complained a lot so she sold it. The present administration employs trains nanny/child care professionals and the holidays we are SLAMMED. Be looking for more input approaching and especially after the new year. I know we are not perfect but it's better than having the blog go dormant which happened for at least a year.

If you have anything to input - email us - we print pretty much everything! Thank you for participating and the best holidays to you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with "confused"

I really enjoyed this blog but it look's like the days where we were all enjoying regular stories are over. The site is already dormant for awhile now and I am slowly starting to loose interest which is a pity because i normally check this blog out at least once a day only to find that no other stories has been posted for days/weeks.

Anyway, when it comes to the topic, since i got 2 jobs, I had 100£ and a christmas card from my afternoon one, a dress,christmas card and a bonus as well from my morning job.

Confused said...

No offense Leigh but "being slammed" has been a constant excuse. The writing on here seems to be coming from solely you. Apparent by the writing style. Or lack of.... Why purchase this blog of you weren't able or prepared to upkeep it enough to make loyal readers and contributors happy. To be honest I don't want to submit anything to a site like this anymore.

I advise you sell it or hand it over to someone who can do this site justice.

Leigh Raymer said...

confused - your name is very apt. The writing is not all from me - it's from numerous different sources. We solicit writing and writing is sent to our email. But sometimes I do write something and sometimes my admins write something, but not only us - many different sources. It sounds like you are coming from a place of looking for disappointment

Just a note: the creator of the blog sold the blog when there were no Ops for 4 days and she got flamed - boom - sold it. But that will not happen with me

another note - I follow several blogs and more than one ad-min has written " oh everyone, i have been sooo busy - stay tuned !" and on these other blogs they do not have complaints like yours

The readership is down slightly but in the last couple of weeks the character of the people posting and commenting have vastly improved - you may just not have had some time to read some of the latest posts - we also had a couple that were really dramatic and AWESOME advice was given but we had to take them down for the sake of the Op.

Yes, we are new at this, yes we will make mistakes and we will not be perfect overnight. There are many fine blogs out there where you will be happier but I hope you stick around! And I hope your holidays go great and safe !!

Anonymous said...

Need some help? I would love to help you guys!

Unknown said...

Leigh you are doing a fine job. It's people like" confused " and "'negotiable nellies" who do more harm to this site than good. It's not easy to just take something like this over and have it perfected over night. Keep up the good work. I will post again soon.

Leigh Raymer said...

Thanks Jaxx - looking forward to it.
Anonymous? would love any help you have to give - email me with any ideas.

confused - again - over the last weeks we've had nannies stuck in basements/dealing with miscarriages, describing red flags, talking about their bonuses, and much more - and that's during our slammed time lol

over the last few weeks we have had many EXCEPTIONAL posters commenting and Ops with an amazingly professional demeanor - I'm going to bet it will continue, and coming up myself and the admins will have more time to solicit stories and more.

When you consider we took over the blog in the past 2 months, the busiest time of year for all of us in childcare - we hit the ground running. A reasonable person would not look down on us as many feel it's better to have room for improvement rather than a completely closed blog. The sky is going to be the limit ;)

Unknown said...

At first when the blog got sold, j was really sad because it wasn't the same. It's still not the same as it used to be, but I am able to realize that it's a new person running it, and she's doing her best :) I look forward to seeing this blog grow again :) I have faith!

Leigh Raymer said...

Thank you for your kind words RJ. Can we get your feedback? What differences specifically made you sad and what would make you happy? many of the things are the same - nanny horror stories, all kinds of requests for advice with good advice given, info on salaries and money and much more. We need constructive criticism, it gets confusing because many people did not like the former owner's effects, it's just really hard to please everyone

but - you sound very nice - what would you like to see differently?