To Nanny Share or not...

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I've been a nanny for about 5 years now. I work for an agency. I love my charge Isabelle(fake name) she's is 1 years old. MB and DB are awesome! Anyway, they have neighbors moving in towards the end of Nov. and have asked would I be interested in nanny share because their nanny gives birth in February. I'm not sure if my agency does nanny shares and I have asked my "boss" and told her the family specifically asked for me so she doesn't try to give it to someone else. Anyway if she says the company doesn't do nanny shares,how do I go about doing in? Both moms have agreed to do a nanny share. Noel(potential charge) is a few months older then Isabelle. The mothers would like them to develop a best friend relationship over the years.


this_nick said...

If the company doesn't allow it do you need to keep working through them? Could you just come up with nanny contracts for each family that all parties agree to? That's all I got.

KnoxvilleNanny said...

If the agency won't allow a share, I'd just handle the contracts on my own. You'll need to consider all the details. If you've never been in a nanny share before maybe ask someone who has for advice.

Nanny Sharp said...


I am not a fan of working in a nanny share position. Though I know many who have navigated them successfully.
For me- you have 4 bosses, different parenting styles, more miscommunications, two separate families with different needs.
Example - family A wants to take a vacation over spring break - family B does not. If you were to work for only one family you would also have a bit of vacation time. But in a nanny share, this opportunity escapes you.
My nanny share ended on good terms after one year due to both families expecting babies in the near future and my not being comfortable handling the additional infants. Plus the 3 I already provided care for.

Do these families plan on expanding their families? What will you do when that time comes? Will you get vacation time?

It is possible to be happy on the position with a good contract, forward thinking/planning, good communication.

The one positive for the nanny is more income (usually with the costs split between the two families, you can expect a higher pay rate)

Experience with multiples(if they are the same age)- a good thing to be able to put on your resume.

And the children do get social/playmate benefits.

As for the agency, if you and the two families are willing to cut them out and draw up your own contracts/navigate the negotiation period without them.... (As this_nick suggested)

Good luck OP.

In my experience nanny shares do not last long.

Leigh Raymer said...

from another viewpoint - the agency i worked with - i really liked the lady who owned it and she was good to me. I had parents try to scheme her out and i would always have her back. And that is how i roll many years later - my childcare co is hired by contractors all the time - and we are honest and have their back and we have have all the work we want.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. The lady who owns the company says we can so all set

Leigh Raymer said...

wise decision on her part - write us later and let us know how it goes!

NannySharp said...

This is great news!
For some reason I got the impression that you thought the agency wouldn't allow the share from your original post.

I am so glad they are supporting the nanny share and they will be there to help you and the families navigate the contract and negotiation.

A note- one nanny I knew in a share said she was supposed to work one week in one families home and the next in the other families home. This drove her crazy and added many difficulties as one home was much more child friendly than the others.
In my share situation, we were all in one home and family b would bring child to family a's home.
Keep in mind where you will be working and how the child is going to get to the place.

So glad it is working out!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Nanny sharing is great-- keep in mind, or talk to parents about the children having the same pediatrician and dentist. This makes making appointments or talking sick children to the doctor way easier on you :)

Nanny Sharp said...

Good advice anon