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For the past almost 4 years, we have had a wonderful nanny care for our 3 children. This fall, the youngest will start a half day preschool program from 12-2:55, M-F. This will give the nanny three free hours during the day and I need help finding a way to bridge her nanny role to more of a family assistant so that she can continue in our employ.
 I have thought about offering her a split shift, and have her work from 730-12 and then 3-7 and pay her per hour. Right now, she is paid a flat weekly rate, but it averages out to $13. an hour.
My other thought is that during that three hour period, she could do the family laundry, change all the bed sheets, run errands and set the table, prep dinner and on a daily basis have a target project for organization, like pantry, mud room, child A's closet. This would allow her to continue at her current pay rate without reduction. I have posted about this on urban baby and the moms agree that this is what is done and that I should propose it to the nanny in a way that, "the job is changing, this is what we now need" and let her be in charge. The negative of that is, that she could say she doesn't want to do that and then I would have to find a new nanny. The positive of that is that I would look for more of a nanny/housekeeper.

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RBTC said...

you have answered your own question - the way you are presenting it is reasonable - "the job with us is no longer what we agreed upon and we need a new agreement" - and then she can reasonably accept or decline - let us know what happens

Anonymous said...

I have been with my family 5 years. Both kids are in school now one for just a few hrs. I have to be on call so if the children are sick or school gets cancelled I'm here for them. So with that they pay me the same amount and I do the same kid related tasks I always have. I have added washing parents laundry and folding. They need to bring it to the washer for me and put away themselves. I wash their bedding but same rule applies. I take care of the dishes and will vacuum as needed. If the kids are home these tasks get done when they can and parents pitch in on those occasions.

lacy said...

My other thought is that during that three hour period, she could do the family laundry, change all the bed sheets, run errands and set the table, prep dinner and on a daily basis have a target project for organization, like pantry, mud room, child A's closet

I don't think that is fair. Nanny/F.A.'s make more then nannies, just do the fact the job is very versatile and requires a lot of extra skills. I think you should reduce the list and keep the wage the same: kid laundry and kid sheets, errands, kid organization, and dinner prep.

I think setting the table at that time slot is pointless. Parent laundry and sheets are nasty, adults do things kid's don't-- wont touch adult laundry with a 10 foot pole. Organizing the other rooms is a bad idea, to big of a list WHY to get into it.

I am a F.A. kitchen 30-45 minutes. Making one kid bed 15-20 min (fresh sheets). Laundry 15-20 min to fold a load, plus 10-15 min to transfer/start/ and spray stain remover. Errands (plus added drive time): grocery store 30-60 min, Dry cleaners 10-15 min, post office 15-30 min, organizing kid toys 10-15 min per "toy area". Your 3 hour gap isn't much time to get that all done-- plus there is the drive time back home and to the school.

3 hours after you think of her driving time is really 2.5-2.15 hours of time to do "other work".

Kat Flynn said...

First, NEVER ask your nanny to change your linen. That is disgusting and tacky as heck. Would YOU want to change sheets another adult may have had sex on?

melissa said...

When one of my families had both kids in school I did take on more responsibility. I did the grocery shopping and did some extra work around the house. If you want linens washed, I'd strip the beds myself and have the sheets in a basket for her to toss in the laundry. I agree with the PP... I wouldn't want to strip another adult's sheets. Gross.

Kam said...

I think some families have a hard time letting go. If your childcare needs have changed, it's time to let the nanny decide if she's ready to go. I never accept household work in lieu of nannying and won't work split shifts. So My choice would be to leave for a new family with kids who need full-time care.

The nanny job by nature is transitory. When kids grow and enter school, it's time to move on. It's sad but true imo.

Let her decide if she wants to stay and do cleaning or leave. But for the love of ____ do not ask her to do adult laundry or sheets! Yuck!

Олег Соловей said...

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Aria Bubbles said...

If I were your nanny, I'd appreciate you talking for to me about changes and talking through the best way of dealing with it. If she doesn't live in the neighborhood, it's not really practical for her to have a gap so I'd suppose she'll take the offer to take care of other house work, but just kid's part. What girls said, it's not Nearly enough to do all of what you suggested, but even half of it will be of great help to you :) and I have another question, I'm just curious because this is like a millionth post I've read overall. I'm from Europe so it's kinda different here, 90% of the parents work 8-5 pm. Hour give or take. So it's normal and usual in America to have your nanny until 7,8 pm? You guys work that much? Sorry to be off topic.