Things I'd Advise Against #1

I did something terrible.
I wanted to get my boyfriend a nice birthday gift and I used my boss's Nordstrom credit card and bought him $300 worth of stuff. He opened it, loved it. Then I had remorse. I told him. He told me I had to take the stuff back ASAP. This is 7 days later. I took the stuff back, tags still on and got the full refund back on the card. If I intercept the bill, will I be safe? Do I have to intercept the bill? Will a purchase and refund show up on the bill?


Lara said...

Wow. Yes they will both be on the bill.

You realize that what you have done is stealing, right? You can get arrested for this.

You should come clean. If my nanny told me that she had done this, I would appreciate the honesty and not call the police. If I saw it on the bill and she said nothing, I would call the police.

I have had a nanny steal from me and I did not call the police but I did let her go. It was really the violation of trust that upset me the most.

Are you for real? said...

So you stole from your boss? And then had remorse only returning it because your boyfriend is smart. You need to grow up. And quit nannying you sound like you need a nanny for yourself.

You need to quit. And tell them what you did- but you won't.

Also don't be surprised if that boyfriend doesn't last much longer. You really showed your true colors.

Of course it will show up as a charge. Then another showing a refund made to the acct.

How old are you though. Like seriously.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that what you did is not forgivable professionally speaking (actually, personally as well)

She will find out soon or later I'm afraid :/ even if you returned it, your boss can still see what transactions are going on, it doesn't take a lot of common sense to guess that .

The best I can advice is that you take it as a lesson to never do something like that ever again and pray that she doesn't sur you or ruin your reputation we a nanny by warning people about you online.

If this is not the first time that toy steal , you should get help and absolutely not be in the nanny field .

Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy. What were you thinking?

Not Today, Satan! said...

Complete b.s.! Didn't happen, but cool story, bro! No one is this dumb! "Um. Yea. I stole from my job, am I safe?"


melissa said...

Totally agree. Dumb story.

DMoney said...

If you don't plan on coming clean, don't return it. She will suspect you.
If you don't return it, it could be any stranger. You could, theoretically, get away with it.

HeartHugs said...

😤😡Stealing, deception.... 😮😮😮And now you want "intercept" the bill, which btw is tampering with the mail and ---another--- illegal offense. A clean conscience is salvageable. Come clean!!! And, you should be fired, at the very least. Because you could be rightfully prosecuted, you know. 😏😒