Bad Nanny on the M15 Bus in NYC

Location: 86th at and took the M15 up to 86 in NYC

Date/Time: 1030/1040am today 8/11

Description of Nanny: See photo

Nanny (I really hope this isn't their mother) on 79 and 1st at screaming at them, embarrassing them and ignoring them as they cried. They were heading to the movies on 86th at and took the M15 up to 86. She also screamed at the person on the phone who was saving them seats at the theater. She made fun of the kids as they got on the bus for whining and then she ignored them on the bus and until she screamed at them when the bus stopped for them to get off the bus. This was beyond an adult being annoyed- this seemed abusive.
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Anonymous said...

This lady sounds like my mother growing up. Poor kids