Bad Nanny/Au Pair Sighting at White Plains Nordstrom

Where: Nordstrom White Plains, NY
When: 7/8/2015 4:30ish
Description of the Nanny: I saw Your Nanny, or liikely Au Pair, straight reddish blonde hair, pink and white striped blouse, denim capris, white flip flops, no make up, carrying a yellow leather bag with a lion face on it.
Description of the child: "Nathan" White, brown hair, curls, unsure of eyes. Wearing a red t-shirt with yellow writing on it, blue dress shorts and brown sandals. The sandals were brown and green leather.
Incident: The nanny was shopping for bras and really short with the kid who wouldn't stay by her side. She kept yelling "Nathan" and he wouldn't answer because he was being his age and not enjoying her shopping. He hid in a rack of clothes. She huffed over to retreieve each time and each time got progressively rougher. I swear she almost dislocated his arm. She would hold his hand and continue looking at bras and then she would drop his hand as she picked an item and looked at it more closely. As soon as she dropped his hand, he was off. This repeated several times. Then he sat down on her foot and started hitting her on the shins saying he wanted his mommy. "I WANT MY MOMMY I WANT MY MOMMY".  She grabbed him up by the neck of his shirt and told him, "you are rotten, rotten," She threw the things in her hands down and took off to the escalator where she he continued to cry and she just help him with his arm bent back with a pissed off look on her face. As other people passed her by she would say,"you cannot behave like this in a store Nathan, this is not okay, we are going outside". I was going outside to talk to her, planning to approach her and ask if she needed help but we lost them! If you know Nathan's au pair (I can't place her accent but it wasn't run of the mill), let the parents know to observe her when she isn't expecting it and draw their own conclusions.


Anonymous said...

Or, OP, how about you take an au-pair job halfway across the world, find out the families are lying a-holes, get paid $195.75 a week working a regular nanny job worth atleast $600+ per week because you're too far from home and the agency would side with the family, and then comment on here? Go live in your little bubble please and let the rest of the world be.

Anonymous said...

What a shame. I take kids shipping all the time for one reason or another. They stay in the cart and are taught manners. Kids can behave in a store. Just takes the right teachings.