Bad Nanny Sighting in Webb Park in San Diego, CA

Sergey Zhiboedov
Date: Weds 7/22/15, early afternoon.
Location: Webb Park in San Diego
Description of the Nanny: I saw Your Nanny; Hispanic nanny with a large, wide, flat face, straight brownish red hair pulled very tight back, no make up, maybe 50 years old in a black skirt, sandals and a white t-shirt with an 80's style diagonal belt over her t-shirt.
Description of the Child: "Jack" a boy who was 2-3. Dark curly hair, white, blue eyes. He had little (maybe religious) curly q's over his ears and was wearing a striped long sleeve shirt and khaki shorts with brown leather sandals.
Incident: We were at the park in San Diego yesterday. Webb Park is known for it's playground and for feeding ducks. We usually do both. We bring old bread and throw it to the ducks.
As we tossed the bread to the ducks, they clamored to get the bread. They fight over it. It's really very cute, fun, peaceful and relaxing. Unless, of course Satan is there, whipping rocks at the poor ducks, who look excited at first and then freeze in terror as their bills are nearly swiped off their face by the oddly accurate force of this heathen's aim. The nanny walked around with a smile on her face, like this odd, serene smile. Totally unaware of the terror the kid was inflicting. She was taking pictures of the pond and ducks. Every now and then, she would look at the kid and say, "Jack, no throwing rocks" and Jack would say, "I am skipping them" and she would say, "okay". Another child saw a turtle and screamed excitedly at her nanny saying, "A turtle, a turtle!". The little boy charged at the girl picked up a stick and said "We must kill the turtle". Clearly he was doing some sort of pretend play in his head, but it was still not appropriate. The little girl said, "You can't kill a turtle" and then "Jack" said, "Ahah, then I will kill you!". The little girl's nanny stepped and front of her and said, "hey hey now". The little boy retreated but his nanny didn't even seem to register that he's threatening to kill turtles and two year olds! The kid made most of us uncomfortable. Get him some help and start with a nanny that makes sure he isn't hurting helpless animals and children.

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RBTC said...

something needs to be done - serial killers start with animals ;(

Anonymous said...

For the aren't supposed to feed the ducks human food. Its not healthy for them!


Anonymous said...

This may be a special needs child. And the nanny did seem to intervene somewhat. Not an ideal situation.

But not bad enough to warrant a "sighting". Who knows what the whole story is.