Vanderbilt Street Playground in Brooklyn, NY

Location: Vanderbilt Street Playground in Brooklyn, NY
Date: 6/16 Tues. around 2 PM
Nanny: I saw Your Nanny, an African Americam medium complexion, natural hair, tall, wearing teal capris and a white t-shirt that said Cape Cod.
Child: African American (definitely her charge,not child). 3.5? Medium height and weight, wearing khaki shorts and a red checkered shirt with red and yellow PUMA tennis shoes.
Incident: I don't know if I would call this a full on bad nanny sighting but I wouldn't want her caring for my child. She had no patience. She had no interest in the child. She spent time on her cellphone making plans to go "raging tonight". The language she used was not appropriate for a child and the euphemisms she used were so transparent. I wouldn't have said anything but when her child took my son's soaker pen and shot her on the back of her legs, she said, "You little shit" and grabbed the thing away from him so hard, he started crying. See, I know some people can say, "you little shit" and be joking. She wasn't. Then she throws the squirting pen across the playground. I was looking at her like "what the?" but she was completely oblivious to everything except, gasp,.. the trickle of water on her capris.

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curious said...

Not to be argumentative but why was it "definitely not her child?"

Anonymous said...

Again, did she have a sign on her saying, I Am the Nanny? Please people quit saying it is the nanny unless you KNOW it is the nanny. It could very well be the mom, aunt, grandmother, friend, etc. It is NOT always the nanny doing these things. Not all nannies are BAD!!!! I have seen MANY moms who are not interested in their children!!! Who go for days without seeing their own children that live in the same home!! And they do this out of choice.

CleaverJune said...

Just like the others said, how exactly, do you know she's a nanny? Maybe she's the mom, maybe she's the aunt, etc. Just because she didn't look like the perfect image of a mother to you doesn't mean that she isn't the parent, or a family member.
Just another blame it on a nanny situation if you ask me...

RBTC said...

the vast majority of nannies who come to this site a very good nannies. The purpose of the site - to help kids in bad nanny situations - does not ever negate the talent and greatness of a good nanny. An interesting concept is "the concept of the reasonable man" The blog is reasonable - it gives good nannies equal and even more than equal time in the forum and ways to show how great nannies are.

Most - not all- of the OPs are reasonable and sincere - they are able to within reason interpret a nanny/child situation

the group of -i believe- good nannies that go onto many posts and say "how do we know it was the nanny" should consider that the blog is here to help kids - and - there have been many situations in which kids have been helped. Over many years i have not heard of one person complaining that a sighting was of a mother. the slight chance a mother might be misidentified as a nanny is worth it if kids are helped

This blog does not focus on bad nannies as a majority but a minority that needs to be dealt with to help kids - very reasonable

Anonymous said...

I have had a experience where people assume I was my sons nanny. My son is white with very small oval eyes. I am dark with the same eyes. Ive had many parents give me a stare when my child falls and I don't quickly run to his aid. && talked about. I think you should not be so quickly to judge and say "definitely the nanny", because you might just never know.