Tuesday Roundup

So we get a lot of mail at ISYN. Some of it is hate mail. Some of it is too off color to post. Some of it is just bizarre. Today, we're sharing a sample of what goes in the garbage/rainy day file. We are always looking for story and feature ideas, so if you have one, please share. isynblog@gmail.com. We're also always looking to feature children's artwork, local artist and nanny photos. So please, send them our way. 

SO, I was standing at the front door watching the two school aged children play in the yard waiting for the bus to pull up on the corner. My three year old was next to me. I realized there was something in the screen on the storm door.  I opened the door and looked at it from both sides. My 7 year old son came running up then to say "bus" and kiss me goodbye. He looks at me and says, "don't touch those black dots, they come off of Rhonda's nose". I was of course grossed out. Upon closer examination, it does appear to be black heads. Do I confront her? Change the screen? Ask her to replace it? She was out sick yesterday when I noticed this.

Just No.
How often does a father leave his family for the nanny? Isn't it weird then that she would have to see the kids that she was a nanny for? Can it work?

Slim Shady
I have noticed my boss throws up all of the time. I first thought maybe she was sick. I notice that she double bags shopping bags and throws up in them then sneaks them out to the garbage can. She is rail thin, but not my business, right?

The Why
I am a white nanny for a white family in the NY metro area. The populations are still fairly segregated, Italian, Jewish, Black. Since I started working here, I noticed subtle hints of racism from my female boss (I don't interact with the male). Lately, we have been going to the local Y for gymnastics and to swim. Without fail, my 12 year old charge sidles up to a black male and plays with him, swims with him, races with him. Not the same male either, but always black. Is it wrong to find this funny?

Do Tell
My boss freaked out that I got mail from friends in prison at their house. They don't even get it that they already have their address but they want me to get a PO Box. I told them I live here and if I cant get my mail here they can pay the $55 a year mailbox rental. Right?

Passive Agressive
My boss seems to get angry with me and then punish me. And example of this is she made peanut butter and jelly toast this morning. She wasn't talking to me. There were crumbs everywhere, floor and counter, jelly and peanut butter on the counter, on the toaster, on the bread bag. I swear sometimes she even takes a dump and doesn't flush on purpose just to "get me".

One Reason We Don't Do That
I work for a shrew of a woman who treats her husband like garbage. I assumed he was the nice guy. I tried to do nice things for him, like make him lemon squares, pick up his drycleaning, small things on the sly. Then one night, we had sex. Don't judge. The problem is I have two weird things that look like skin tags, but fatter and reddish growing from my vulva area. I hadn't had sex with anyone in like 10 months before him. I am wondering what it is and how to address it. Things went back to normal after the sex thing. We didn't make eye contact for two weeks and I stopped doing anything extra for him.

The Watchers
I tell you what I saw. I say your nanny being a racist beyotch in the park and talking smack about the other nannies. Just because we migh have a color to our skin, dont think we arent educated and don't know childcare. You think you can talk a good game to your boss boss but I see through you. You're on my radar now, Park Slope Racists!

Mark Up
Midnight Toker - by Anita Toke

I have been with my current family in NNJ for three years. About six months ago, I was smoking weed outside when the father returned from golfing. He chatted me up and asked to hit it. The later he asked me to get him some. I only ever did it sporadically, but this guy is demanding and has a standing weekly order that he sends me for. I don't even want to smoke anymore so I don't need him to get me an 8th or whatever, but if I continue this, which I am taking a huge risk, shouldn't he offer me some $? It's not a conversation easy to have because the wife doesn't know.

Who me?
The next time I see you in a park with your stupid camera trained on me, so help me God, I am going to come over and kick the living crap out of you.

The Gay Girl Got It.
I was interviewed for a job. The content of their ad made it pretty clear they were gay. I was put off when they asked me about my sexuality. Like isn't that discrimination? And why should they care what I am? I said I was straight. They asked me if I was in a relationship and I said no. I didn't get the job and I think a gay girl did. Doesn't seem right, right?

Celebrity Hunt
I've been thinking I really want to work for a celebrity. Does anyone know like if Beyonce hires her nanny for a year or more? Or does someone have contacts for someone like Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez? I have lots of experience and refs.


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georgie said...

I know for a fact that celebrities, like Beyonce seek to hire nannies who seek to work for celebrities. Not. Get real.

letty said...

I'm too attractive to work for a celebrity like Beyonce. They are super insecure. And even in a pony tail and no make up, my rocking body and honeydew skin stands out.

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Cool story bro!

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I'm sayin!!!

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Ah What Gems!!! thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Ah What Gems!!! thank you for sharing!