Rudin Family Playground in NYC

Date: Sat 5/1
Time: 11:30-1:00
Location: Rudin Playground in Central Park
Description of the nanny: Softspoken, mid twenties, thinly built Mexican nanny, spoke perfect English with no discernible accent, long, straight hair, bangs, no make up or jewelry, wearing red gauze top and jean capris.
Description of the child(ren): A boy and a girl. The boy was named Alex or Alex and about 3. The girl had blonde hair, wore it down and unkempt, wearing pink checked shorts and a pink t-shirt with ACK on it.
Incident: The nanny was complained to a number of times about the girl who was pushing people on the apparatus. She also fought with a younger child over a swing, ran behind a baby swing and whacked the back of it and kept saying "ya little fuckers." When the people complained to the nanny I noticed that their expressions changed and the nanny seemed to apologize. But then something else would happen. The nanny was trailing the younger child around and the girl looks like quite a handful. I saw her spit water in the nanny's face. This was when the nanny used her taking a break to get a drink to get her away from a little girl she kept terrorizing. And the three year old really needed her attention and help to get up stuff and on a swing and to be pushed. So my sighting isn't just about the nanny who can't control her charges, because God knows she tried.  But upon eavesdropping, I hear that she works 12 hour days, 6 days a week, but gets most Sundays off. People were hugging her, patting her on the back, giving her their number because everyone knows of someone looking for a good nanny. Part of me wants to see her get hired away and part of me doesn't. You don't deserve her, but she tries so hard with your kids. She didn't bat an eyelash when she got spit in the face. That is 72 hours a week, assuming she gets the Sunday off. I don't know what you pay her, there is no way it is enough.Whoever you are, take a look at what you are doing to your nanny and your children. Make some changes!

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Anonymous said...

Understand completely. nannies who work non-stop especially with parents who can give a rats-A@# make the job that much harder. We are only human and do make mistakes.

Angi said...

Sounds like the nanny needs to learn some skills at the same time though. This child doesn't sound like she's being nannied properly. Let's face it.... A kid will walk all over you if you let them.

this_nick said...

Maybe she's a new nanny and the girl is acting out of separation anxiety from a previous caregiver. Let's hope the nanny can get through to this child, because she sounds more patient and compassionate than many would be.