Ads of Ill Repute, #4

Milwaukee, WI
Totally delusional. 5/6 hours and $350 a her home? Hells no.
Dude, you get what you pay for.

Washington DC
What is up with all of the pictures of other people's children???

Yeah, I bet your former employers appreciated you putting their letter of reference on Craigs list, with all their contact info.

San Fransisco, CA
I renounce you based on your weird ad. What are you asking for? You prefer to make less money?
Nanny MD? How does one "Preparing for day sleeping"? Dr. Death? 
Every freaking time Brianna?
If advertising in the newspaper is de rigor, what is advertising on craigs list in the childcare section?
Would it be a stretch to guess Ms. Anna's neighbors are less than thrilled?
I wouldn't leave my child with someone who charged only $10 and that's before I even read the suspect back story of her last firing.
San Diego, CA
So, if we call it a stipend, we can pay whatever?

Raleigh, NC
Now, this I love. This should be a pinned post on every childcare board!!!
-I agree!! -JP, editor AIP

Portland, OR
How lowlife does someone have to be to welch on their childcare bill?

New York
Generally speaking when you bissect the hell out of a work day, you don't pay $13 an hour.
I saw this and just think it's nervy. She wants to live in, but will take one child only or two school aged children.
Take off your shades and tell me why I want to listen to someone with "medium english skills" be talkative. PS Talkative is rarely a selling point!!
When your nanny refuses to clean. (1)...
When your nanny refuses to clean. (2)...
Philadelphia, PA
No. Just no.
 I don't know how you could live and work for free for a single dad with five kids and not get sucked in to giving considerably more hours. Sounds helluva dramatic.

Orange County, CA
I can't even follow what this is.
I suggest she post at the soup kitchen, because I don't know any nanny that hungry.
Do these people realize that this is exactly what slavery was?
Santa Barbara, CA
How desperate do you have to be for a nanny to accept this certain disaster of a situation?
Phoenix, Arizona
Multiple children, single mother, no pay, room and board a 2 bedroom apartment.
Any household service. Nice.
The chances this ends up on Nancy Grace are medium to high.

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this_nick said...

And to think -- this is what people posted thinking it didn't sound cheap or creepy. What the what?

Amy said...

The second one: No f-Ing way!! Why?!? Why do u want my kid for two hours with no pay? What are u getting out of it? I shudder to think..

Alice said...

Wow, these are AMAZINGLY BAD.

Portland has been quiet with the bad 'seeking nanny' ads this week. ;)