2015 The Good Nanny Sighting, #4

Please email with your sighting.
Location: Minot Playground, Brookline, MA
Date/Time: 5/15 10:45 AM (approx)
Description of Nanny: Black American nanny, thin to medium build, grey t-shirt with darker gray silhouette of unknown woman, white ankle capris pants, silver flats with a buckle.
Description of Child: Special needs boy of about 4-5. Blond/brown straigh hair, glasses with a blue strap around his head, wearing striped shirt with turtle that says "Turtally cool"
Incident: Nanny had to stay with this child everywhere. He needed help lifting and doing things. I am sure she could have not, but by being by his side, he did more, expalimed "Yeayyyyy" many times and seemed so happy. I noticed he appears to have a muscular disorder, but the nanny treated him like such a champion. Words that came to mind were empowering, fun, excited. She literally matched his energy, used the best tone she could with him. When it was time for a break, it was at his suggestion, "I tired". She went to a camouflage sling blag and got out a towel and an orange and they peeled oranges and ate string cheese while drinking water.  Then she challenged him to a few "races". You could tell the kid was tired but also that the nanny was trying to get him to do more (gently). She's clearly educated about children and his disability. Made me day to see her non stop beautiful smile. Clearly, this nanny is someone I could NEVER afford!

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RBTC said...

really great sighting OP - hopefully those parents know how lucky they are !