Tomkins Square Park & Playground

Where: Tomkins Square Park
When: 4/13 11:30/12:00
Description of Nanny: (Two)
#1 Black, American nanny wearing white LS sweater and very tight dark rinse jeans (squeezed stomach into football shaped pooch over her waist), wearing brown mock Uggz. Brown/black straightened hair, shoulder length. age approx 25.
#2 Black Caribbean nanny, fiftyish? dark short, tight curled brown hair, red lipstick, vivid floral shirt, tan dress style (?) pants, loafers. Carrying a large white shoulder bag with a line drawing of an orange cat.
*Not sure who the baby belonged to but she was in a very basic green canopy umbrella. The kind that you sometimes rent at a zoo or something.
Incident: A White woman, brown tank top, white capris, tennis shoes approached the gate, staying on the other side and hollared to one of the women. She was walking a medium sized dog, young, mixed breed, possibly golden mix.  The nannies were talking and the older nanny looked up and handed the baby (white, approx six months, light hair, pink sandals, jeans, girl) she was holding over to the other nanny. She marched over to the railing and said "Now what". The white woman said that the black woman had kicked her dog. The white woman said, "who do you work for, I want a name". I was sitting right there. Before this I only noticed the two black woman talking and watching the playground while holding the one. I never saw any incident with any dog. The black woman said she wasn't telling her anything.
      The older woman had a distinct Caribbean accent so when she talked she said "I am telling you no thing. You are no body to me". The woman said something like, "I wouldn't want anyone who hurt an animal taking care of a child. Who do you work for." The black nanny said, "Lady you are crazy, you better go on now. Go home and take some medicine". This made the white woman even more angry. The older black nanny started heading back to where the other nanny was and the white woman walked along the black railing. When the other nanny saw this, she walked towards the black fence/woman and the other nanny who was retreating turned around with her and they both met her at the fence.
    They started to argue about kicking a dog. Again I didn't see. The woman pointed off towards where the dog run was and said, "other people saw, see that guy, he told me you were in the playground". The younger nanny said, "Bitch, you need to stop running your mouth and get the fuck on outta here. Aint nobody care what you have to say". The woman starts talking and saying in an elevated voice, "SO I'm the only one who has a problem with someone who is being paid to care for a child kicking a helpless animal, that baby looks pretty helpless, you kick her too?"
    This really pissed off the younger nanny. The older nanny said raised her hand to indicate calm down and said, "you need to go now, you're gonna scare the children".
    The younger nanny rose up over the other nannies face and said, "Lady, I'm about to jump the fuck over this fence and drill you down into that bush. You better watch your speak"
    The white lady said, "Oh you are? With the baby?"
    The older nanny took the baby from the younger nanny and said, "Lets go now".
    The younger nanny looked at the white woman and said, "Bitch you think you know me, I know you. I know your damn dog and Ima be on the lookout for you both.  Ima be on you when you least expect it"
    The white woman said, "Beautiful. Make sure you aren't holding someone else's child when you're trying to fight next time".
     The young black woman made a physical move to the fence. The white woman looked at them both and said something about being disgusted or they were disgusting.
     So like, I don't know what happend with the dog,but I cant imagine this woman would make an issue over nothing. I think she should have backed down though because I was feeling nervous about the altercation myself and the playground was full of kids. I don't know about these two nannies though. You might want to ask around and see what is going on from someone who can report to you. I don't think there is any excuse for the older woman to kick a dog, but the younger nanny was really irate and angry. Her mood scared me. Personally, I wouldn't have let either of them watch my child or my dog. I can't be sure who the nannies were watching on the playground. I could guess, but I don't think that would be helpful. They were still there when I left.


toonces the car who would drive a car said...

I would have kicked that woman. I would have followed her and found out where she is working. People who are cruel to animals are cruel to children. Statistically!

Joy said...

Sof we are just going to assume the woman with the dog was telling the truth? Mmhmm.

Your description of the younger nanny was very telling of the kind of person you are.

Pot, meet kettle said...

I bet you the OP was the type to think all people of a given race (except white people) look alike. This was most certainly a case of mistaken identity.

metrocard said...

I'm writing from a parent's perspective. To me, it's irrelevant whether the nanny actually kicked the dog or not. What does matter is the way the nanny reacted during the confrontation. I expect caregivers to model appropriate behavior--if she did kick the dog she should have apologized immediately, and if she didn't she should have calmly stated that the dog owner was mistaken and walked away. I would fire this nanny.

Anonymous said...

Not entirely agree with the answer above , if it was me and that I didn't kick the dog but yet if she would have followed me and insisted , I wouldn't have used swearing words but would have put her back in her place quiet firmly.