Toilet Problems

     This question is for nannies. I am asking because this needs to be done, but I don't know how to do it, unless I literally disable the bathroom.  We have a bathroom between the laundry room and kitchen, so it is in effect, off the kitchen. The nanny has stomach issues, there is no question of this. She is a great nanny, so I am trying to be sensitive to this. We have a housekeeper come once every two weeks.
     This leaves me dealing with the smell. Yes, I have placed Febreze spray in the bathroom. I have also placed a plug in oil thing, but that made me ill. So she does use the spray, but it is the most sickly smell.  She uses the bathroom as soon as she gets off the train in the morning and then again before she leaves. She likely uses it other times too, but it I notice it at this time because I can hear it happening and smell it and it is near the kitchen.
    My 2.5 year old is freshly potty trained and uses all of the bathrooms in the house, but when he lifts the lid, there is a high degree of splatter under the rim. It is surely stomache turning. What is even worse, is at least three times after she has gone, one of the kids has used the bathroom and flushed and overflowed the toilet. And this is just urine!
    Is there a way to suggest the nanny make her bowl movements in the basement? Is there a nice way to suggest that she clean the toilet when there is so much splatter left on the underside of the seat and rim? I cannot keep toilet cleaning products in the bathroom because of the age of my son, but she knows where the cleaning supplies are (laundry room) and they are easy to access. I feel bad complaining because she's a very good nanny and I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings, but we literally eat in the next room right around the time she is doing some of her most serious business.


Emily said...

That's just wrong that you have to have a conversation like this! I have a hard time believing someone so inconsiderate could be a good nanny.

Anonymous said...

I would just say to her that you have designated the downstairs bathroom for the little guy. (Of course use when she isn't around) That to avoid him touching the toilet after everyone using and him getting extra germs in the mouth you are asking everyone use the other bathrooms for awhile unless they are being wiped down after to help keep the germs to a minimum. Takes the attention away from her but shows how important a clean toilet is.

jeanie said...

Sounds like you are subservient to the nanny. Your house. Your rules.

Lacy said...

Just tell her new house rule: the half bath off the kitchen is for the child only. Politely.

Maia said...

Okay, here is how you can handle this awkward situation.
First purchase a toilet wand cleaner and a good cleanser / disinfectant spray such as Clorox Clean Up Bleach. Place these in the basement bathroom that you mentioned in your post.
Purchase the spay "Poo-Pourri". I think you can have it shipped from Amzon.com. This spray neutralizes the smell of bowel movements when sprayed in the toilet first. Place the spray in the bathroom along with the cleaning products.
Ask your nanny if you can speak with her privately. Acknowledge that this subject is awkward and uncomfortable, but tell her that you need her only to use the basement bathroom from now on. Instruct her to spray to Poo-Pourri in the toilet before she has a bowel movement, and to spray the inside of the toilet with the Clorox and remove all splatter afterwards with the toilet wand cleaner. Make a point to ask her if she is having a health issue such as IBS, as this kind of acute stomach troubles is not normal. How old is your nanny? Could this be a sign of abuse of laxatives? Let her know that you care about her welfare, but also let her know that this is your house and it needs to be sanitary, and you feel it is not appropriate for her to use the kitchen bathroom any longer.
Good luck!

unicornnanny said...

I think it's rude for you to tell her she may only use the basement. This is not "the help." Just tell her honestly something along these lines: "I know this is an embarrassing subject, but I notice that you have been having some digestive issues and it's taking a toll on my toilet. I put together this bucket for you (present bucket with toilet cleaning supplies, spray, and poo-pourii). Please be sure to clean under the seat when you have an episode. The toddler uses this bathroom and I want to be sure that it is sanitary for him." If she continues to not clean up after herself after you talk to her about it, then you can request that she only use the basement. I'm sure this is very embarrassing for her and maybe she doesn't want you to see her cleaning the toilet and have to explain herself and she may not know about the splatter under the seat. Also, please keep in mind that when you have bowel problems, sometimes you can only make it to whatever the closest bathroom is.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she isnt being inconsiderate or rude. Possibly has a serious medical condition you are unaware of, such as Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis or IBS. My mother in law has this issue. You could never tell by looking at her she is missing 8 ft of intestine. Yes, the smell is terrible, and mixing the certain room sprays intensifies it, but I would approach her cautiously, because maybe she doesnt realize it is splattering, and it is a very embarrassing subject.