The Bad Tipper

Lesley Spanos
    Hello, I am a nanny in Connecticut. I work as a live-in. Both of the parents I work for work out of the home. The mother has a regular event one week night that starts at 7, so that she can see the kids before bed, I usually meet her with the kids at one of three of their favorite spots for dinner. These are regular places like Applebees.
     I suspected and confirmed about a month ago that my boss tips about 10 percent. There are five of us and the kids always leave a mess under the table, not intentionally. They are just young. I find myself so nervous during the meal. I start clearing and stacking the dishes because I think I am afraid to be not liked.  The situation made me so uncomfortable that last night, I threw a five on the table as we were leaving. This only made me feel worse, like I was undermining my boss.
    Is there a graceful way to handle this?

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Anonymous said...

totally fake

Corina said...

Why? It happens. I worked for someone that told me to give pizza guy a $1.00 as a tip! He had to come up to the 20 th floor. Thank goodness I had two dollars in my pocket to add on it. Who in their right mind leave such a terrible tip.

Theycallmered said...

This actually happens a lot I think. The last family I nannied for would order pizza occasionally for their kids and tell me to only tip $1.00!! The current family gets groceries delivered about once a month or so and they never leave him a tip!!! And I never have cash. It is an unfortunate circumstance. It seems weird to me too, because they give semi-generous Christmas bonuses to all their household staff.