A Day in the Life 2015, #4

I'm a nanny to a 4yr old girl 'J', 2yr old boy 'A' and an 8 month old baby boy 'N'

7:50-I start and J and A run downstairs to greet me. We catch up on news and they head to kitchen table. I get them their breakfast-cereal and glass of milk.
8:00 -Mb and db bring 'N' down and say their goodbyes and leave. I finish giving 'N' his bottle.
8:10- J and A finish breakfast and get themselves dressed ready for pre-school. I feed N his baby porridge and then clear up after breakfast. Once dressed the big ones free play while i prep lunch stuff and tidy up. I get things ready for mine and N's morning.
8:30-Teeth cleaned,hair brushed and then shoes coats on.
8:45-We leave to walk to pre-school.
9:00-Say bye to J and A as they go into class. N now has a morning sleep in the pushchair before his music class. I have a coffee in local caffe before making my way to music class.
10:00-N wakes up and its time for music class.
10:40-Music finishes and we head home.
11:00-N has his bottle and then he plays on his playmat while i make lunch.
11:45-Leave to pick up the big ones.
Noon-Collect the big ones and come home
12:15-Home and the big ones get dressed out of school clothes into home clothes and i dish up lunch and set the table for lunch.
12:30-We all eat lunch(fish pie and broccoli, carrots and green beans on side, followed by yogurt. Glass of water)and i feed N his lunch.
1:00-I take N up, change diaper and put him to bed for his nap.
1:15-The big ones finish lunch and then we go up, clean teeth and read stories.
1:30-Big ones are in their beds for naps. I then clear up from lunch, do any lunch and prep dinner.
3:00-N wakes and he has his bottle. We then do floor play.
4:30-Wake big ones up from their nap. Its snack time for the big ones-raisins,apricots and breadsticks with glass of milk. N has his dinner-cauliflower, chicken,potoato puree.
5:00-N goes down for a nap. I do some puzzles with J and A.
5:30-J and A draw pictures while I make dinner.
6:00-We go and wake N up from nap. The children all have free play together while I dish up dinner.
6:15-I set the table etc and the parents come in. The kids sit up at the table ready for dinner, I give all 3 a kiss goodbye and leave.
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this_nick said...

All respect to you. Having three at different ages isn't easy and you do it well!