Spector Playground in NYC

     I found this to be alarming. This was shared on a mom board I belong to:
     Do you have a Chinese or Korean nanny with jet black hair, wearing a blue Adidas track suit?
I saw this nanny today  (Weds, 4/8) at Spector Playground off 60th in NYC.
     The nanny had two boys. One was about five in a puffy yellow sleeveless coat vest and jeans. He had curly hair. The other boys was 2/3 and had an eye patch on. I believe the kid had some special needs. She kept telling him to go play but he just wanted to cling to her. Both of these boys were white with curly hair. The boy with the eye patch was wearing a plain red shirt and a blue denim jacket. The nanny was sitting next to the steps on the brick wall. The boy was whining and trying to push her to get up but she kept saying "You leave, you go, you leave". (I only mention this as clearly English is not her first language). A large Hispanic nanny walked by her a few times and then told her that she should go play with him to "make the boy happy sometime". So the Chinese/Korean nanny glared at her. Finally she gets up and takes him to the tire swing. He doesn't want to go to the tire swing. He fusses, she puts him on anyway. He continues to fuss,indicating he wants off. She pushes him faster and starts laughing in some weird high laugh. She was trying to mask his discomfort with her laughing. Then she said something like, "I give up, you want to play, you don't want to play." And with that, she went to sit down again. The little boy just stood there leaning against the wall she was sitting on. The nanny wasn't on a phone or anything. She just sat there with her hands crossed. The other boy was playing with other kids. She seemed to almost tune out. Then I noticed, the kid was messing with her hair. She didn't mind. He was quietly picking dandruff out of her hair and EATING IT. What in the hell? I thought about aproaching her and then I started to think she was probably crazy or something. Got to wonder how much she is getting paid and what she's on to be just tuned out like that. *She carries a purple umbrella with white polka dots.

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heather B said...

that's a new one. Dandruff should be part of the description.

s mann said...

You must be new here. Or not familiar with nannies.

PS Nanny #1 said...

Maybe the kid was just pretending. My charge likes to call me his cookie and pretend to eat my shoulders when we are watching his sister play soccer. I guess someone might think that was weird if they werent closer to the situation.

Anonymous said...

Not new here and I'm familiar with nannies.

troll buster said...

You are familiar with jackshit.