A Day in the Life 2015, #3

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7:00am Arrive at work. Wake up the 3 boys (ages 9 & 7 yr old twins). They get dressed, brush teeth and we head downstairs to finish getting ready for school. One child has Type 1 Diabetes so every 3 days I have to change his catheter/insulin pump.

7:15am-7:45am I make breakfast for boys, let dogs outside, get snack bags/backpacks ready and feed dogs (one is diabetic so I give him an insulin injection). I help boys clean up after they finish eating.

7:50-8:00am have boys put coats on, grab school bags and walk them to bus stop. Bus arrives by 7:55am

8:00am  I make myself a cup of coffee and eat breakfast

8:15am-9:00am  clean up after myself, empty dishwasher from night before and head upstairs to start the 1st of a few loads of laundry. I make the boys beds and walk around house picking up toys, dishes, etc left by family night before after I left.

9:00-10:00am   I finish folding and putting away laundry, put out karate uniforms or swim suits(depending on day of week), lay out pajamas for showers later and let dogs out.

10:00-11:00am   organize playroom, kid bedroom closet, pantry, kids dresser drawers. (these are done one per day every 2 weeks)

11:00-11:45am strip bedding on boys beds. (this is done once a week). Days this isn't done I usually get to relax. Although most days I am still finishing up laundry from before.

11:45-12:20pm head to the school to check child's blood glucose, administer insulin and make sure gets what he is supposed to eat in cafeteria.

12:20-1:00pm head to grocery store, Walmart or CVS to pick up groceries, meds etc for family

1:00-2:30pm  arrive back at house, eat lunch, start preparing dinner for later, let dogs out, get karate or swim bag ready and on "bedding day" this is the time I will go up to finish making beds and put away the bedding I had washed and dried earlier.

2:30-3:00pm this is ME time. I am usually on my phone or laptop

3:00-3:15pm go downstairs to set up table in kitchen with homework packets, pencils and books

3:15pm head down to bus stop to get boys off bus

3:25-4:00pm  home, boys put away shoes and coats, empty backpacks, grab a snack and sit down to do homework. Twice a week one child stays after school for band/activity so other 2 work on homework for about 15 min before we head out to pick up the other child at the school by 4pm.

4:15pm boys change into karate uniforms and child who stayed after school works on their homework

4:45pm boys sit down to eat an early dinner

5:15-630pm take boys to karate class. Twins class is 530-615p and older childs class is 545-630p

6:45pm  arrive back home, boys put shoes/coats away and head upstairs to take their showers. I put away karate bag and get T1D child's lantus (night time insulin) injection ready.

7:00-7:15pm boys finish up showers, give child injection, and give boys a snack.

7:15-7:45pm boys get their half hour electronic time (tv, ipad or computer). This is based on having a good day. If they had a rough day this time is used to read or play.

7:30-8:00pm the mom arrives home during this time. Different everyday.

*D is a full time live out nanny in Massachussettes. She works 4 twelve plus hour days and has been with the family for 8 years. She makes $750 per week, before taxes.

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Corina said...

You deserve a raise. Sounds as if you average 50 plus hours a week. For family to only offer $750 for all you do. Plus working for them over 8 years.