Sara Delano Roosevelt Park in NYC

Where: Sara D Roosevelt Park in NYC
When: Thursday 4/16 at approximately 430/500
Description of Nanny: White, Irish looking nanny. Wearing tight jeans, a spandex long sleeved shirt. a gold cross and wedge sandals with a good heel. Pushing a Blue and tan umbrella stroller.
Description of Child: 14-20 month old boy. Brown hair, wearing jean jacket, jeans, hiking boots and able to walk. Boy was drinking out of yellow sippy cup with a big bird head on it.
Situation: I am not a nanny or a mom. I am a girlfriend. I was surprised to see a nanny with her kid she nannies for watching a group of street toughs play ball in the park. The language was rough. The game was heated. This was no kind of atmosphere for a 14-20 month old child. I know for a fact that she was the nanny because she said she had to go, but she'd be off at 630 and would meet him back here at Subway. This is one of the guys she was watching and salivating over. There were no other kids this age at this park. At one point the boy got cranky and wanted out. She didn't want to leave her spot so she let him out, but he was nearly plowed over by one of the guys. They play hardcore here. It's not a place for babies. Or nannies. I'm guessing you didn't know your nanny was there. She looked Irish but didn't have an accent.


AgencyOwnerMissDee said...

When I nannied, J and I went everywhere. If I saw someone cute who was my type, I would flirt, but in a subtle manner, and briefly. J and his safety were more important, and no hot guy would change that.

This nanny sounds desparate. A coffee says she met the guy, sleeps with him a few days later, gets dumped and starts stalking him at this park.

Any takers? Lol

Irish twins? said...

... and just wait until she gets knocked up. I'm sure her boss will love for her to bring her baby along.

eli said...

Thank you for this. I am putting together a job description for my nanny. There will be no hanging out at basketball courts. What a tricky trickster. She could tell the parents she was at the park all afternoon and it would be the truth!