Nanny Notes 2015, #3

I don't know where the Cinnamon Toast Crunch is going dude, but have you
seen the size of your ten year old?
This is from my nanny who makes it clear she does no housekeeping.
My husband left the house in a hurry and left a pan on the stove. The horror!

My boss texted this to me one day after work with the message, "could you
PLEASE clean the drain before you leave?" I texted back, "it's not my hair".
I take care of a bald baby. No, I'm not cleaning pubes out of the drain.

This is a scan of the "bill" my nanny left me on Friday, after we took her away
with us to Belize for ten days,all expenses paid!!

Has someone left you a nifty note or sent you an interesting text? Have you seen a sassy tweet or received a baffling email? Email us with a scan or screenshot.


rh said...

Im glad you can take a nice vacation like that but you're an ass if you think that matters to your nanny@! Pay her what she is worth!

Anonymous said...

For the last post , it's not because your nanny goes on vacations with your family that this is a holiday for her ! She is on duty and to be honest, it's much more work than the usual hours . If you can't afford the bill , perhaps you shouldn't take your nanny on vacations and take care of your kids yourself and just hire her for normal hours ( obviously pay her anyway whenever your going away). Yep, a nanny is expensive , in fact , it's a luxury and if you can't afford it, perhaps you should look for other options ;) .

Source : Nanny for 2 wonderful family who values and appreciate my job.

Anonymous said...

You should be paying all her expenses. She is working it's not her vacation. Why would you not be expected to pay her for all the hours she worked?

In future you should discuss hours and overtime BEFORE you take your nanny on vacation.

Katherine Nelson said...

I'm proud of whoever gave that bill to their employer. As nurturers I find we have an industry wide issue with standing up for ourselves.. Good for her!!!

AbsOfSteel said...

Agree with the others about the last note, good for your nanny for standing up for herself. If you don't want to pay your nanny for all of the hours worked on "vacation", don't bring her! It's a break for you, not for her. I hate it when families act like they're doing you a favor by taking you on THEIR vacation. It's more hours, more stress, time away from your home and life; definitely not a vacation.

And as for the pan that the nanny left in the sink- after my old NF started leaving me their breakfast dishes and even dishes from the weekend, I no longer helped out with them. I just moved them to the side for the parents to take care of later. The fact that you sent her a picture of the pan is a pretty good sign that you expect her to take care of things like that, and cleaning up after parents isn't a nanny's job. I have no problem helping out parents who appreciate and don't expect it, but once they start expecting those things then it becomes being taken advantage of.

Me! said...

5-The nanny did not go 'on vacation' She worked in Belize! Is this mom for real?!!?!? WTH! 3-The hair is disgusting! No way would I touch that! 1-The cereal is funny that Mom thinks nanny is sitting around eating all day! 4-Also the nanny made it clear she wasnt going to also be your housekeeper! Is this a PA way to get her to wash husband's dishes?

Anonymous said...

I think people are misunderstanding the pan post... the nanny sent the mom (presumably) a picture of a pan left dirty on the stove. Mom asked what and then asked her to wash it instead of making a fuss. I get where the nanny is coming from, but I would have just washed it...

Anonymous said...

I agree with post about vacation. Yes it was a free trip but it wasn't a vacation for her. I once went on a vacation short with a family but was told I wouldn't be paid doesn't d they would pay my food and everything. This should be discussed before the trip! I hope the nanny gets paid. It doesn't seem like she had any free time.

Anonymous said...

Also. The post about pan. I would never send a picture of a dirty pan to my bosses. Lol that's rude. If you don't want to do it just don't do it. Don't bother your bosses busy day with a stupid text like that

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a vacation for her. Do you really need to be told this?

Danish Nanny said...

Jesus Christ, I am sick of nanny families thinking that it's a vacation for us when they take us with them on their vacation. Um, no, it's just more work, harder work because kids are out of their normal surroundings, not being able to make plans with friends or family, having to cancel usual free-time plans, and we're supposed to be thankful??? I don't even like to travel in the first place!
Applause for the nanny who wrote the bill! (Which should have no quotation marks, btw - she provided a service, she wrote a bill. You used that service, you pay the bill.)
/ rant over

Anonymous said...

Wait - did the nanny work all those hours? Work means getting kids ready, caring for them, eating with them, sleeping in their room, hanging out with your family etc. Who cared for the kids at night - you or her? If her, then pay her.

OR did she mind the kids for set periods of time you predetermined with her, and then have the remainder time to herself to enjoy the vacation? Did she have separate sleeping quarters? Private meals? Hours where she was not with your kids? Was she able to do her own sightseeing, shopping, sunbathing, activities, etc? Those are vacation hours, during which she can enjoy Belize without her boss.

And everyone here is correct - hours and pay should have been contracted before the trip, as well as whether the nanny even was willing to travel for this trip.

Alice said...

The last one is fair, concise and she wrote it all out for you, Mom Boss.

If you didn't want to pay, you shouldn't have taken your NANNY on YOUR VACATION. Sorry. :(

I wouldn't go on vacation with a family honestly. That's for you to deal with your kids, not me.

That poor nanny had YOUR CHILDREN from 6am-10pm EVERY DAY YOU WERE THERE, basically!

How sad for your kids! :(