McDonalds in Glastonbury, CT

Date: Thurs, 4/23
Location: McDonald's in Glastonbury,CT
Description of Nanny: I saw Your Nanny, a very large woman, possibly size 28. Tall. AA, hair smoothed very straight and wearing a North Carolina Baseball cap.
Description of Child:  Called "Annie" by the nanny. White girl, 2.5-3.5, brown straight hair, wearing a brown corduroy pinafore with light colored tights.
Incident: These two were sitting near us having lunch. After lunch, the nanny went over to the playspace, helped the girl out of her shoes and let her loose in the play area. All fine. Then she goes outside to smoke a cigarette.  And then she did it again. The girl seemed to be fine, but she did exit the play area and run to the window to look out and make sure nanny was still there. I don't think that was a good set up. The nanny was driving a cream colored Toyota 4X4, I think called an FJ. When the nanny was outside smoking she was leaning on the hood and looking down at her phone or out towards the street. If she had still been trained on the kid she was watching, I would have been more comfortable. Maybe this isn't a big deal to you, but if she was my nanny, it would be.

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