A Month With Strangers?

I work for a single mom and have for 7 months. She is a great employer. I have met the father as I see him one day a week when he takes the children for dinner and sometimes on Friday if it is his weekend and I am late. The mother told me today that the father and his new girlfriend want to take the children for the whole month of August to Martha's Vineyard and would like to take me. She said it would make her feel better if I went, although they can certainly hire a nanny there. I don't mean to sound horrible, but if I don't go, I will get paid for the whole month anyway. Is it fair to accept the offer with a high weekly rate? I don't know what to expect from the girlfriend. She seems like a reasonable person, she is actually a school administrator so it isn't as if she is anti child. Some guidance please. Either way, I want to work it to my advantage. The only thing I know is that the father has a home there and extended social network in the area. Part of me thinks I should be careful not to price myself out of the job so that might meet some interesting people? How to best handle this to keep everyone happy? Obviously, if I chose to go, it's a win for the children. Has anyone ever traveled or spent time with the husband and new wife or girlfriend?

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Anonymous said...

What are your hours now? Im going to assume M-F? So Keep that pay then add in the weekend....typically $200 for 24 your weekly rate plus an additional $400 per week. I say GO FOR IT! Every family is new when you take them on....but this will give you some travel-nanny experience and some fun time. Make sure you get some time off for yourself. Thats standard. Usually from the kids bed time until your typical morning time or a paid day off (typically Sunday) or sometimes their bed time until 10am the next day. I cant give you more details without more information about your current situation but these are some tips. Make sure you are compensated whether you are working or not while there - you are only there for them.

-Angi, nanny of 30 years

marsha marsha marsha said...

I would make sure that you wont be used as a spy. That could put you in a really uncomfortable position. I worked for a husband who had split custody with his wife. When the nanny had a hysterectomy, I filled in there. The father only wanted to hear that the mom was self absorbed and the new guy was a loser, but they were both really nice and really good with the kids.

Elle said...

A month on Martha's Vineyard?! Count me in! I love it there!!