Why is it so hard to pay a nanny for the hours she works?

I have been with a wonderful family since the baby was 5 months ( just over a year now). We just had his first birthday party and I was in charge if the kids position of the party. So I had to come with crafts, games, etc. We are hosting an Easter Party and again in charge of kids position of party. I am reimbursed for everything I buy for the parties; but not getting paid to work? These parties are on weekends that are suppose to be my day off.   Help!?

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Lacy said...

After the birthday party your really should have said to them-- my pay check was the same as normal despite working on 'Saturday' for the birthday party; I was thinking you forgot to pay me for those hours. That should have been a wake up call for both of you, they realize you want pay for parties-- after thinking your a guest. So before the Easter Party, discus pay-- yesterday; don't 'work' the party for no pay; if you want to be a guest then DON'T work, act like a regular parent-less guest.

Anonymous said...

Yes if you are invited as a guest to a child party or dinner then you won't be paid but otherwise you should mentioned it to the family that it is a working day for you. At least the familyvshould tipped you.

JJ said...

I think it depends on the expectation. Are you asked to come and help, with the expectation that you will be working, or are you invited and choose to help. I have been with the same family for four years. Every year I am invited to the birthday party. I choose to help out because I know the needs and enjoy helping, but that is my choice, and therefore I do not expect to be paid. That being said they still tip me each year for those days

Anonymous said...

Why don't people discuss this at first mention or at least before?