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I am a single mother working FT and want to hire a nanny. I have never used a nanny before. I want the nanny to work weekends, starting in April and through October. I am having little luck in finding the sort of nanny I want. How can I make my position more appealing? I live in Bronxville, NY. I am open to live in or live out. The hours would be roughly 9-9 Saturday and Sunday. I was offering $15 cash an hour and I have not attracted the educated, athletic, city and culturally savy nanny I am seeking. Any input would be appreciated! My children are two school aged girls.

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Sarah said... is a wonderful site

Lacy said...

You should offer over time after 8 hours, 12 hour days is a lot. Also cash isn't taxed and that can pose problems for income verification. Also its hard to accept a job knowing that it will only be a 6 month job.

Anonymous said...

Not many people would be willing to give up their entire weekend for $360. I'd look for a few different people or mother's helper types to work 1 day or the other a couple times a month. $180 + you still have the other day off is much more attractive, imo.

Maybe call local daycare centers and see if they have people who want to earn a few extra bucks here and there.