The Regifter
My birthday was on Friday and my employers gave me a really nice jacket. It still had the tags on and everything, but was too tight to wear comfortably over winter layers. I took it back to a nice department store today to exchange it for the next size up. The didn't carry the jacket in the store. Because I could not do an even exchange, I sought to return it. Without a receipt I was okay to take store credit. I know that the jacket is a higher priced item, based on the brand. I waited for awhile while they looked up numbers and called a manager. Then they came back and told me they haven't sold that item in the store for at least two years. So now I am hurt and out of a birthday gift from a family that I thought really liked me. It feels now like she grabbed something from her closet that she had never worn, when before I imagined she had selected it with thought. Is there any way to address this with the family? I think I either have to wear it snug or trade it at a high end resale boutique, which I am guessing I would get at best $50.  Do I say nothing to the employers? I have to admit that I think the damage is done. I have been with them for 4 months. I know that is not a long time, but two of the family have had a birthday during that time and I got them each a thoughtful gift. PS My gut says just let it go, but it is really affecting how I feel about myself, especially since I worked for the family right before the Holidays and while I didn't get a gift, I helped her wrap some really nice gifts for teachers, fitness instructors, even the housekeeper. :(  The store clerks were nice and said if I could bring the receipt in they would offer the return, but they have no idea what the item even sold for before it was phased out.

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val said...

I would tell your employer that the jacket was too small and you went to the store to exchange it for a larger size but since it discontinued the store said you need the receipt to get a refund or store credit!

Should be interesting to see what she says!!!

Sarah said...

I agree with val. This was very rude of them. I would throw it back at them (not literally) and ask them for a receipt. If she doesn't have one; then u know where they stand. How they will continue to teach you. Good Luck..

Jenna said...

If you were a part of watching her shop for other people and you got this regifted thing, yes I would be upset. Maybe she forgot though and in a pinch? I would let it go and continue on with a great attitude and let them make it up to you. If I was the employer and did that because I was stuck or forgot, I would be thinking of the next time and how I would remember.

Anonymous said...

I think you're making way too much of this.

You have only been with them for FOUR months. You should be happy that she even thought to
"grab something out her closet at the last minute" for your birthday. Doesn't mean that your boss doesn't think well of you, it probably slipped her mind as others have said.

I feel like you need to get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy you got something. Especially since you haven't been there that long. Sell the jacket and buy something you want. I have been with my family for 5 years and got Nothing for my birthday this year. They get wrapped up in their own lives at times and forget because we are usually the ones to help out and remind them of what is needed. Not the best feeling in the world but not the end of the world. That's what family and friends are for.