Greenwich Library in Greenwich, CT

I want to report a bad nanny that I see regularly at the library on Putnam Avenue. I can tell you she does not drive so she must live with in a reasonable walking distance. She is always pushing the child in a black and silver stroller with three wheels and a black canopy.  Her charge is a boy who is about 3. He is very physical and likes to be out of the stroller. She doesn't sign up for the children's activities but I have seen her there while they are going on. She doesn't keep a good eye on the child. She is often on her phone texting. Her phone has rang during the time she was inside. After getting looks about answering her phone, she left down a hall, leaving, without contact her charge for about 5 minutes. He is a well behaved kid, so that isn't the problem. The problem is to assume it is safe to leave such a young child unsupervised.  The reason I decided to make mention  of this is because on Tuesday, I saw her again with her charge. He was looking at books and walking around, much like he always does. I mean they are clearly killing time here, she doesn't engage him with books or anything. So he says he has to go to the bathroom.  She says, "you know what to do now, you're a big boy" and with that she lets him go in the bathroom by himself. The boy's bathroom. I was shocked. This was all done quietly and the kid came out okay, but he is very young to be going alone to the bathroom, let alone to a men's bathroom where other men's genitalia could be on display. I don't understand the set up with this nanny and why she has a job. Unless the child asks her a question she doesn't talk to him at all. She does ply him with candy I noticed her giving him twizzler bits and sour patch candies. And other things like that.  I've seen her off the Avenue coming and going on Benedict, so the family lives in that direction.
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high henry said...

Men's genitalia is on display at the Grenwich public library bathroom? That is news to me!

Sarah said...

This its way too young to go into a public bathroom alone. Does library know the family? Maybe you could find out who his parents are. Follow her one day. You need to report..

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ive been in there and that area. I cant tell you how frustrating it is. The richer the area, the more carelessnes I see in the nannys. The problem really falls on the parents...they want to pay crap yet overwork the nannies. While I dont condone her behavior, sadly, it may be the only downtime she gets. I take my responsibilities very seriously but I also speak up or refuse work in situations like that...because I can afford to. Not all families are like that but a lot of them are. I have turned down many families in Greenwich and Ridgefield. I am a nanny, not a slave. Anyway, not good behavior on her part. I suggest approaching and convo her up next time. Maybe you can find out which family and talk to them directly.

-Angi FB