Peter Green Park in Huntington Beach, CA

Tuesday 3:00/3:30
Nanny: older, sixties, wearing grey skirt, white tennis shoes, green sweater, grey hair
Child: Max, age approx 3. Short light brown hair, wearing sweatpants suit with yellow dump truck on black hoodie.
Location: Peter Green Park
Situation: This nanny is too old to be in charge of Max. Maybe she was Max's baby nurse. I am sure she was great with him, but she cannot keep up with this kid. He found himself in dangerous situations, he takes risks and she cannot move quick enough. He ran from her atleast five times, no doubt sensing her weakness. He got into the parking lot three times and once made it to a patch of grass between the parking lot and SeaGate Drive before a guy parking his car stopped him from going into the street. You're going to need to decide if this nanny is going to work for your family,but she cannot, and I repeat, cannot take your child to parks like this one where he cannot be contained. And just to be clear, she was the nanny and she really tried.

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mara said...

If it were me, I would be honest about my limitations. As a parent, I would rather have a good and honest caregiver. No one is perfect. I would help find places for outings where they could go together safely, if at all.