Send your Nanny, Babysitter or Childcare provider sighting to
All sightings are 100% confidential.
Please include a photo or video of the nanny when possible.
Other details essential include:
Description of Child:
Description of Nanny:
Description of Stroller/Vehicle/Diaper Bag, etc:
Details of Incident.
Questions we received lately:
I couldn't get a picture of the nanny, but have a picture of the child, will that work?
Yes. We can use the picture of the child, but we will block out the child's face.

Do you accept good nanny sightings?
Yes. Photos are appreciated especially in this incidence as they may help validate the sighting.

I have seen a crossing guard that is terrible to the kids, can you do something?
We accept submission of anyone who works with or is in charge of caring for children.

I see this person with a child she is verbally abusive too, but how can I be sure she is the nanny?
You can't. But don't hesitate to send us the posting or use alternate means to halt the verbal abuse.

Where is Mary Poppinz?
I don't know. She was wonderful & is missed by many.

Are you going to run the Craigs List-WTF Feature?
Yes, we are. We need your help in scouring online ads to illuminate those ads worthy of inclusion.

I wrote "A Day in the Life" for you two years ago and have a different job again. Can I send in a new story?
Yes. We encourage submissions that reflect your favorite features or ideas for new features. You may choose to submit anonymously or use your name. We look forward to sharing links back to some of our reader's blogs.

Stay Tuned.

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