After School Soccer Program at PS198 in NYC

Monday, 3/9/15 @545 PM
Nanny of child in the Monday after school sports program (soccer I believe).
Description of Nanny: African American with bad skin, round black framed glasses, hair was shoulder length and mostly straight. She was wearing what looked like Burberry tan and red rainboots and a tan knee length jacket,
Description of Child: The child was about six months and riding in a camel colored stroller. I think it was an Xari, with the top part that looks like a detachable car seat. (So no excuse for her leaving the child alone!) The child had a grey striped blanket in the stroller.
Incident:The nanny arrived looking for where she had to pick up the child. I only know he was a male. She was ridiculously peeved and so confused. She left the stroller in the hallway while she went looking around. That I can understand, but she left the stroller and went up three flights! I could have taken the child and fled. She only came back because another woman and I were yelling, "um, hello, your baby is here". She stomped over to us and grabbed the handles of the stroller and jerked it so hard and said, "a lot of fucking help you are" and stomped off in another direction on the first floor. If you are the parent of the children she is watching, 1) you did not prepare her appropriately, 2) her basic temperament is terrible for a nanny 3) she has no patience and 4) she was very rough with your child in the stroller. I saw the child's little head jerking around.

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