2015 Survey -Live Out Salaries Across the US

Location: Scarsdale, NY
Pay Rate: $11/hr
On the Books or Off: On
Perks: 1 week paid vacation per year, 6 major holidays paid.
Length of time: Two years. I am an employer and tired of these surveys which I think show certain kinds of nannies responding only and inflating the salary. I have a nanny who works 44 hours a week and she gets paid more than minimum wage. Yes, we take taxes out her salary. She makes more than she would in retail or fast food and we supply a comfortable work environment, fun activities and healthy food.

Location: Danville, CA
Pay Rate: $500/week
On the Books or Off: off
Perks: Major holidays paid. A week off at Christmas paid.
Length of time: 10 months

Location: Newport Beach, CA
Pay Rate: 875 per week for 40 hours
On the Books or Off: ON
Perks: Reimbursement for college courses completed with B or higher as an incentive to return to UC Irvine, use of family vehicle during work hours,
Length of time: 1 yr. 8 months

Location: Massachusetts
Pay rate: $750/week for 54 hours
Pay is: on the books
Lenght of time: 8 years
Perks: 2 weeks paid vacation, 7 paid holidays, 2 sick/personal days, use of timeshare getaways (i pay weekly fee- cheaper than hotel)

Location: Brookline, MA
Pay Rate: $17/hr, 35 hours per week
On the Books or Off: Off
Perks: The family travels about four times a year, so I get atleast four weeks paid vacation per year.
Length of time: 2 years, 9 months.

Location: Chicago
Pay rate: $700 per week (45-50 hours per week) Time and a half for any week over 50 hours
Perks...None really I'm able to request toys for the two infants in my nanny share or purchase and be reimbursed.
Benefits:I have 10 vacations days. 5 I pick and 5 they pick. I have 2 paid sick days in the year. I'm paid for my normal week regardless if one of them decides not to use me.
Length of time: I've been with the families for 3 months.

Location: Simi Valley, CA
Pay Rate: $16/hr
On the Books or Off: On
Perks: Gold's Gym membership, use of employer vehicle, paid extra for non nanny errands and jobs. taxes are paid by employer and employer is helping me come up with down payment for my own house.
Length of time: 13 months

Location: CT
Pay Rate: $20/hour - 25 hours/week
Pay Is: Off the books
Perks: Mileage reimbursement for driving my vehicle
Length of time: 7 months

Location: Fresno, CA
Pay Rate: 9/hr
On the Books or Off: Cash
Perks: The baby sleeps alot so I have a lot of down time.
Length of time: 3 months.

Location: UWS, NY
Pay Rate: $16/hr for 32 hrs.
On the Books or Off: Taxes paid by employer
Perks: Cab fair home in bad weather, lunches out, extra $ for additional hours
Length of time: 7 months

Location: White Plains, NY
Pay Rate: $14/hr, $21 per hr. after 40 hours. (Between 670-720 per week)
On the Books or Off: Off
Perks: They bought me a gym membership for Christmas, use of their bike, 10 paid days off per year.
Length of time: 5 months

Location: Bonita Springs, FL
Pay Rate: $10/hr
On the Books or Off: Cash
Perks: No perks. I work M-Sat- from 8-6
Length of time: 17 months

Location: Westchester County, NY
Pay Rate: 12.00 per hour. 60 hrs. per week, 720/wk.
On the Books or Off: Off
Perks: Sometimes I get off early on Fridays.
Length of time: 2 years

Location: SF Bay Area
Pay Rate: $17/hr
On the Books or Off: On
Perks: I work different hours almost every week because of positions of parents. Sometimes, they will add a(cash/non taxed) bonus to the week's pay to subsidize an inconvenient schedule. I don't count on it, but it's nice when it happens.
Length of time: 1 1/2 years

Location: Westchester County, NY
Pay Rate: $600/weekend. Friday 6-11, Saturday 8-11 and Sunday 9-6.
On the Books or Off: Cash/off
Perks: Going to great places with my teen charges, family offers that I can stay over in bad weather, downtime during long hours, great food, great working environment, great bosses.
Length of time: 11 months

Location: Park Slope, NY
Pay Rate: $14/hr
On the Books or Off: Off
Perks: I work 48 hours per week at a base, so they pay me $28 for any OT after the 48.
Length of time: 9 months

Location: Seattle Area
Pay Rate: Nanny Share/ M-F 7-7, family one pays $400 cash, family 2 pays $600 cash and it is at family #2 home.
On the Books or Off: $400 cash for one, $600 on the books for other
Perks: The two families surprised me with a $1,000 cash bonus last month.
Length of time: 7 months

Location: Alexandria, VA
Pay Rate: $18/hr, $25/hr OT & weekends
On the Books or Off: On
Perks: On the books, health insurance, Metro-rail furnished by employer
Length of time: 20 months

Location: Chappaqua, NY
Pay rate: $925 per week, m-f 730-630
On the Books or Off: On
Perks: I had my own baby three months ago and I bring her with me. (Priceless)
Length of Time: Over two years

Location: Brooklyn
Pay Rate: $11/hr
On the Books or Off: Off
Perks: leftovers from the night before, Britta filtered water, unlimited bathroom breaks, heated work area,
Length of time: 4 months

Location: Philadelphia PA
Pay rate: $18/hour
On the Books or Off: 30 hours on the books, everything else off the books
Perks: membership to the zoo and 2 museums
Length of time: 6 months

Location: Rye, NY
Pay Rate: $800/week Sunday-Thurs. 8AM-8PM
On the Books or Off: Off books
Perks: Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years are paid off.
Length of time: over a year

Location: Colts Neck, NJ
Pay Rate: $12/hr for 2-8 M-F and Saturdays 10-8.
On the Books or Off: Off
Perks: None. If they don't need me, they don't pay me.
Length of time: 9 months

Location: Purchase, NY
Pay Rate: 900/week
On the Books or Off: I have to pay my taxes as a independent contractor
Perks: I get paid when the family goes away on vacation
Length of time: 13 months

Location: Oak Park, Il
Pay Rate: $22/hr
On the Books or Off: On
Perks: RTA pass. The family has responded to things I do with the children for example,they bought me roller blades and a bike to keep at their house, so I can do activities with their kids. Paid sick days, holidays and 3 weeks vacation per year.
Length of time: 3 years.

Location: Bay Area, CA
Job A
Pay rate: $14/hour-- 23 hours/week
Pay is Off the Books :(
No perks, they have a mini farm so I get free organic food (eggs, veggies). 1st xmass $100 bonus, 2nd a $200 bonus; and I got $75 for my b-day. I can read books when the kids are busy.
Been with them for 1 year and 9 months, 2 pre-teens/teens

Job B
Pay rate: $17/hour--20 hours/week
Pay is ON the books
No perks. One bonus, only because I did a "favor". No b-day present, no x-mass, nothing. I get the kids stuff... they keep saying oops we forgot, get you something soon.
Been with them for 1 year. 3 under 5; but I just care for the baby.

Location: Rahway, NJ
Pay Rate: $15/hr
On the Books or Off: on
Perks: health insurance paid at 100% by employer, all major holidays, 2 weeks vacation per year but it must coincide with their time away.
Length of time: Since September 2013

Location: Altadena, CA
Pay Rate: $450/wk
On the Books or Off: off
Perks: meals?
Length of time: 2 months

Location: New Canaan, CT
Pay Rate: $20/hr
On the Books or Off: on
Perks: Metro North Monthly Pass, Pilates studio gift certificates on a reg basis and Starbucks cards.
Length of time: 8 months with possibility of health insurance (being researched now)

Location: Westchester County, NY
Pay Rate: $14/hr
On the Books or Off: Off
Perks: They give me their old food to take home.
Length of time: 4 months

Location: Skokie, Il
Pay Rate: $25/ hour (about 20 hours per week)
On the Books or Off: Off
Perks: Children are older so most of the time I take them to do fun activities, like go to the museum or a baseball game and get paid well to do it.
Length of time: 4 years, 4 months

Location: Manhattan, NY
Pay Rate: $1100/wk 54 hours
On the Books or Off: On
Perks: Metrocard, 2 weeks paid time off in December, 10 paid holidays, 1/2 insurance paid by employer = $228 per month)
Length of time: 1 year, 7 months

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Anonymous said...

To The Employer in NY that pays their nanny 11 an hour and thinks the rest of us inflate our salary. First off NO we DO NOT! Second she should be making a lot more then a fast food place while watching YOUR children. It takes a special kind of person to step into someone else's home and help raise their children. Nannies are NOT babysitters. We care for the children like they are our own. Lots of nannies feed them 3 meals a day, take them to activities, help them with homework, care for them when they are sick, take them to doctors, are there with them on their birthdays, also know your child better then YOU. If you are sick of these surveys then maybe you should stay home and see what its like to do all your nanny does week after week. You have made it clear that you look down on her and all nannies since you feel we deserve to make nothing when we do so much for people like you and YOUR family. SHAME ON YOU!!

Anonymous said...

To the employer from scarsdale. $11/Hr is not reasonable. Babysitters make that plus and all they do is watch tv with kids until bedtime. Nannies become the parent and essentially raise your child(ren) for or alongside of you. Also nannies are entitled to overtime so any hours over 40 should be paid at time and a half. No one on here is "inflating" salaries. We know what we are worth and deserve to be paid as such. I hope for your nannys sake she isnt required to do any extra cleaning, errands, etc for that kind of pay. Just saying.....

beenthereanddonethat said...

Wow. Interesting ranges. Thanks for posting this! Are you still doing Craigs List WTF?

meghan K said...

Scarsdale employer no doubt had to submit her nanny's info because her nanny doesnt read or write. bahahahahahaha

Philly Nanny said...

I'm the nanny from Philadelphia and I wanted to add that I receive 2 weeks of paid time off of my own choosing, 1 week of sick time, and paid holidays and vacation any time my family is out of town. They also gave me a $500 cash bonus at Christmas in addition to a week off. I didn't think to add it to the survey, but I think it's good to know!

jbp said...

$11 an hour in Brooklyn is some serious bullshit.

Sarah said...

Craigslist WTF-Yes please

Lacy said...

If you think a nanny should only make a little bit more then a fast food worker you are WRONG. Nanny work is much more skilled: have to save/help a child, act calm in an emergency, put the child first, being 100% aware at all times, educate, guide, love, nurture, and more. What does a fast food person do (as I did when in-between jobs): take orders, make food, have someone tell them what to do, be "brainless" skirt by and not try hard, mess up on an order "oh well". BTW mess up with a child, not "oh well", its much bigger then that, also a nanny has to think for herself for the care of the child.
Another thing, $11/hour is what you can make working at a store like CVS, Safeway, ect (after a year or 2 or starting) Its less work, it really is... if the 2 jobs paid the same I would rather work in the store only because its not: as physically and emotionally tolling, again less thinking on your toes, in an emergency I can put me first, ect. Oh to add on for all other jobs and why nannies are worth much more then entry level jobs: We don't get breaks or lunches, we are on call during those, we can't leave until YOU get home!

Its a stressful job that is a labor of love. Nannies need to be compensated properly for that. Nannies do much more then fast food and store workers.

HM said...

Scarsdale Mom is delusional. I live in a similar town in the tri-state area. I'm 30 and haven't nannied since finishing grad school in 2009. At that time, I hadn't accepted less than $15 hour for sit-on-my-butt-babysitting gigs. (Parents wanted a weekly date night, left after kids were asleep, I brought my books and ate their cookies and was a warm body until date night was over, and everyone was happy with the arrangement!)

Anonymous said...

I am a Nanny and am always AMAZED at the attitude of how they view the people caring for their children. You also get what you pay for. Nannies work long hours, some days without ANY breaks, you have to follow parents ridiculous demands about their children which in most cases are not effective..And for the record, Nannies ARE NOT HOUSE CLEANERS. These parents that want you to do all their household chores, clean up after them, do their laundry, do all their errands and only want to pay them $10 an hour. Really???
Nannies do everything that pertain to the children, that's it. If you want all the other stuff expect to pay more. Nannies work hard, and truly are working on a job that doesn't provide security, most times medical insurance, etc. I have been fortunate because I've always worked for people who could provide properly for a Nanny. But some of you parents are forgetting two things. Having a Nanny is a privilege not a right, and most of you that are making all these demands while trying to skip out paying appropriately, you will never find good quality care. You should just be thankful anyone shows up to watch your children...If you do find someone good treat them right and with the utmost respect. Parents have become so entitled and the truth is a Nanny is a rich man's luxury. So for those parents making all these demands and only wanting to pay under $10 speaks volumes of your character and how your children are not your main priority. In my earlier days families would day we just can't afford to pay more and yet they had 2 BMW sitting in the garage. They had top of the line stereo system, lived in top neighborhoods, etc. So they could afford to pay more but they were putting more value on "stuff" then their own children. You're not fooling anyone especially your Nanny. I went to the park one day and their neighbor saw my worth offered an appropriate salary for the job and I left to go next door LOL. Trust me if you skip out on your Nanny don't be surprised if someone else tries to snatch her. And believe me it happens all the time..