Meet Noa Mintz, 15 year old Nanny Agency Entrepenuer

Noa Mintz, owner of Nannies by Noa
     Noa Mintz didn't particularly like her family's babysitter. “For what you’re paying, your kids should be more stimulated,” says the teen. “At 7, I would tell my mom, ‘You need to get more bang for your buck.’ It would drive me insane!” Her mother, in jest, suggested she find a better one.
     The then twelve year old did just that and soon began finding better nannies for friends and neighbors. “I found it fun to get to know a family and their needs — and find a babysitter who matched that,” she said. It was the summer of 2012, before she entered 7th grade. “I really had no expectations, but I figured I’d try,” said Mintz, who lives on the Upper West Side with her parents and three younger siblings. In the past year, her business has tripled: from 50 clients in 2013 to 190 clients today. (Read more here)


curious said...

What was the mother doing that she couldnt be bothered to find more suitable childcare for her then 8 year old? It sounds like the father is very involved with her business.

Deborah Richards said...

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