Cruising with Nanny?

My employers who have been struggling with finances for awhile now just announced that they are going on a cruise for Spring Break and they would like me to come. This is what they said, "we would like you to come."  I have never been on a cruise before but I get the feeling it could be stifling.  Has anyone every cruised with their employers? We would be flying to Florida and cruising from there for an 8 day cruise and then flying back. This would eat up two weekends I would normally not be working and I am guessing a lot of extra hours. For accommodations, we would have connecting rooms, both at the hotel and on-board. I am told the rooms are "favorable, with balconies and the best amenities."  It's a standard Norwegian Cruise ship, so I am curious what "favorable and best" mean. 1) Can I ask? 2) I normally work a 9 hour day. What do I charge for hours over 9? 3) What do I charge for overnights & being away from my life/friends/family? 4) What do I charge for each weekend day? My normal weekly salary is $745/cash.


DanishNanny said...

If you want my opinion, here it is: Don't go.

If you do want to go, make sure the family understands that this is NOT a vacation for you, but work. Let them know how it cuts into your time, your freedom and your family time.
Make sure that it's absolutely clear what the expectations for you are - how many hours will you work each day? Will you get up in the morning with kids? Will you put them to bed? Will you eat with them? Will kids be allowed in your room? When will you have free time?

I don't know about the pay, but it would take a buttload of money to make me go on a vacation with any family I've worked for.

beenthereanddonethat said...

I cant imagine why they need you on a cruise. There are activities for kids on Norwegian and it is all contained. What ports are you going to? I'd be careful because maybe it's a set up to lose one of the kids in the caribbean or throw one of them over the railing and have you serve as a witness saying how great they are. If something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

Calleigh said...

Yes, I am sure that is exactly why they want you to go- to commit murder and use you as a witness. WTF?

HobokeNanny said...

Why can't Parents be alone with their Kids on a FAMILY vacation? I wouldn't go unless they pay you your salary plus more for not being in your home every night. They just need you so they can sit back and relax, but reality is, Parents don't get a vacation with Kids. If Parents want a vacation, they can go away alone. If they want to take the Kids, it's time to be the P-A-R-E-N-T-S.

bees knees said...

Maybe you are supposed to ooh and aah over the chance to go on a cruise.
Loser employers. Don't go.