Email to submit nanny sightings

Description of Nanny: (photo preferred)
Description of Child:
Other identifying information: (stroller, diaper bag, vehicle, etc.)
Detailed description of what you witnessed:

*All submissions are guaranteed confidential unless the author wants to have personal contact with the family when located. 

What is a nanny state?
Intrusive government policies in Europe and recently the United States, designed to legislate morality and social behavior, assuming the state knows best what constitutes such, in the goal of essentially protecting people from the obvious consequences of their own stupid and destructive behaviors. Therefore, the central government believes it has the comprehensive and moral duty to protect the citizenry from itself. A derogatory term used in reference to intrusive political policies where the government has an excessive desire to govern and control society in the name of “protection.” When the central government of countries goes from being a governing body to a regulatory power and social caretaker, that engages in social protectionism and economic intervensionism, to control you from the womb to the tomb and instituionalizes them as common practice.

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