25 Reasons Why Being A Nanny Is The Best Job Ever

Buzzfeed has 25 ideas why being a nanny is the best job over.  What can you add to the list? Let's keep this a positive experience posts.

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Kim Hoeltje said...

Getting to wear yoga pants to work is one of my favorites!! I also love fun outings and rainy movie days!!!

Rowena in Greenwich said...

My favorite thing about being a nanny is that I don't have any bills. Every expense is covered, car, gas, vehicle leased for me, but in their name, health insurance, room, board, cell phone. So I get to be generous with my friends and family and spend my tiny amount of vacation time doing something fabulous!

Lily in New Canaan said...

Best thing about being a nanny-
6 beach vacations per year, all expenses paid!