Carl Shultz Park

Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Child: 13-18 months old boy with thick brown, longer hair.The bow was chubby and wearing a blue swim shirt and blue shorts.
Nanny:Young Asian. Model pretty with two toned blonde/brown hair wearing a baseball cap. Stroller: Burnt orange canopy
Incident: This child could have been fatally injured as he was in the “pool” area unattended for at least 30 min before he was knocked down by another child and began crying. I took his hand as he attempted to navigate the 3 concrete steps to ascend the “pool “ area (but it could have been someone else with ill intentions) and was bringing him the a park attendant after asking 4 times in a loud voice “Who’s baby is this”, had a kidnapper gone to the right Nanny would have never seen your sweet boy leave the park. The Nanny only saw him as i reached the craft table (where she sat in the corned chatting with a friend) and claimed him with "I’m sorry , “I’m sorry. Yes Mommy I did give her a piece of my mind for about 5 mins I was so upset for you and your sweet baby boy crying and looking for his nanny whom you pay well, oh as her excuse she said that she had her “older” kids at the craft table. REALLY??? With a toddler in the wading pool. Had there been a police man nearby I would have reported her mommy and had them contact you ASAP!
Please send your sighting to #isawyournanny

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