Nanny Circle

My name is Lea.I've just discovered your website looking for a new position and its been really helpful ( contracts ,pay etc...). So thank you for making this available to us nannies.

Well, I'm a French nanny working in Nyc ( Upper Manhattan) and Im looking for other nannies in Nyc to meet and hang out with, on and off work.I'd like to have a "nanny circle".
I'd appreciate it if you could share this email on your site so I could meet other wonderful nannies in Nyc.

Thank you again for your wonderful site and all the best to you, 



sara said...

Hey Lea! I am a nanny in NJ and would love to meet you! You should consider coming to National Nanny Training Day on April 20th!

Lea said...

Hi Sara,

This is Lea.I didn't realize my ad was already on the site.
Anyway, my email is lleaka@aol.com .You can email me so we can talk some more.

Thank you , Lea