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Nanny loves what she does said...

am a well educated professional nanny and I have many wonderful clients. I work full-time for a single mother with 6 kids. 3 of them do not live at the home. I am in charge of the three little ones. (4, 1, and infant). When I first spoke to her (the mother); I got really excited. I thought to myself (I am at $10 an hour), I have a mom that will need the majority of my assistance. I will get the hours I need and develop a strong work relationship with her. More importantly, develop a strong, loving relationship with her kids.

Now, I do feel for her. She is going through a bad separation and getting no support, financially. The house is trashed and with two babies; (one eats off the floor and one is crawling). When I arrive in the early afternoon (mom works afternoons to evening); dishes are piled in the sink, garbage and old food is stuck to the table and floor and is just plain disgusting. She is going through a lot.

The four year old is going through a lot, too - her dad abandoned her (and her younger siblings) and with her mom having to work - not spending time with her that she desperately needs. She is rude, "I can do whatever I want" (mom said I could do this) attitude. She has called me stupid (in front of her mom) and threatened to hit me (or throw things at me). She throws incredible tantrums. If I put a veggie on her plate; she will scream and throw it (mom says she doesn't have to eat them). They live off of mac and cheese, nuggets and fruit cups.

I need to drive an hours drive away to pick up her 10 year old twin daughters. That is fine. But I need to switch cars with her because mine is too small. This is 2 days a week (Weds and Fri) and each time that car is just like the house - dirty and just gross. The drivers mirror is gone and she made me drive to the tire place to replace an flatten tire (WITH THREE BABIES IN THE CAR). She also gives me the car on fumes.

Her daughters (the twins) are supposed to be with their mom on Wed and Fri. I pick them up (on Weds) and bring them back to the house. I pick them up at 5pm from grandma. I have only worked with her for a few weeks and I am already looking for a new job. She "pays" daily. I say that lightly. She owes me so much money. Luckily, I write this all down. She is just plain mean. One example is that in the last week; her 4 year old came down the stairs and at 9 pm at night (her bedtime) she went to grab a pop out of the fridge. I nicely asked her mom (still getting to know everyone) if she was allowed to have a pop that late at night. I may have worded it wrong - by saying she was grabbing a pop - is she allowed? Mom responded by saying (in front of her daughter) I don't want you to tattle-tale on my daughter - you can handle it. I need to leave.

I say all this - I needed to spill my thoughts.. I also needed to ask how can I get my money that she owes me. I know she is a single mom and not getting help financially - but its not my problem. I want to say that nicely. I am just angry at the whole situation. Any advise would be great.. Thank you.
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Dr. Juris said...

You need to quit and stop expecting someone who obviously isn't going to pay you to pony up when the time comes. If she doesn't have money, how do you expect her to pay you? Stop providing her with free services IMMEDIATELY and refuse to watch her children until she pays you.

SpringBreakMissDee said...

Terrible nanny experience? 40 years old, energetic, with a career in early childhood ed. in a college town and being a. blown off by parents needing care, b. told that you don't meet their qualifications (when they are looking for someone majoring in ECE or a degree in ECE, with experience, who enjoys working with children, is knowledgable in child development, is creative, reliable and responsible, with transportation and references.) or c. to interview for a job after graduation, only for the family to "interview" you and other candidates using pre-printed questions, briefly glancing at your resume,(how does a family get to know each applicant asking the same questions)and not even bother to contact your references, even though you had the best qualifications?

Living in a college town competing with college students and young professionals for babysitting gigs and nanny positions is ridiculous, when you have a solid career and the experience to back it up. Parents have a list of "qualifications", and it seems as if the qualifications go out the window when their inbox is flooded with emails and resumes. This may sound harsh, but when I see a job I know I am qualified for, I am going to apply for it, and based on my resume alone, I expect a response from the family, not to get blown off in favor of someone half my age with an 1/8 of my experience. This happens most of the time. The reality is that mature, seasoned nannies 40+ are not welcomed here in my midwest college town. That's sad, and there's your horror story: being experienced, 40, loving what you do and families not wanting to hire you based on your age, experience and dedication to the profession.

ericsmom said...

Ten an hour caring for three kids. Well thats not good pay. Forget about getting back money. She probably doesn't have any in the bank if she is struggling as much as you say. I can't picture you getting any backpay. You do deserve it. Unless, you go to small claims court.

Are you filling her car with gas? So your basically making five bucks an hour. I am guessing you put gas in her car every week. Then she uses your car and I am sure it is brought back empty. So then you fill up your car as well. You must be spending at least 60 on gas a week on both cars.

nenanny said...

Find another job and quit . As a professional nanny I'm sure you know all aspects of this job are unacceptable. I know you feel for the kids, but you cannot fix this situation, and you need to look out for yourself which means finding a job with adequate pay in which you are always compensated for your time, an employer that respects you and doesn't expect you to pay for her gas.

Heather said...

My horror story: The dad has been flirting with me and has come home in the middle of the day. He "technically" hasn't crossed any lines because I won't allow it and give him the invitation he's looking for. But, heaven knows what would happen if I did. He is very attractive, successful, and outgoing. The wife is pretty and nice. I feel bad that she doesn't know what her husband is doing. She really loves him. And, I really care about the baby. I don't know why he would risk his family. But, I don't know what to do. Has anyone else gone through this?

oh well said...

Heather, you should look for another job. Nothing good is going to come out of this. Of course he will risk his family if he thinks he can get away with it. Run as soon as you can.

Kathryn said...

Run as fast as you can! I'm sure MB will find out about her hubby soon enough from someone else.