McDonalds in New Rochelle, NY

This Nanny Sighting Happened today, 4/22 at the McDonalds in New Rochelle, NY. I was sitting at a table waiting for a friend an a large African nanny walked in with two boys, who were probably twins. They seemed same age, dressed the same. They were not biological and one of the boys was named Jackson. The nanny ordered food and sat down. She caught my attention because she was so rough with the boys. She was so large that when she walked, she snorted. She tore into the bag, right away, stuffing a fistful of fries in her mouth. Big mistake for Jackson. He reached for a fry and she brought her massive hand down on his and smacked it down.  She said something like, "no grabbing, what you think this is?"
The other boy asked for some French fries. She gave him some on a napkin and said, "yes, you may, because you asked and you did not grab".
Jackson sat there watching his brother (?) and nanny (?) eat fries. The nanny takes out chicken nuggets and a burger. Shoves a nugget in her mouth and smashes the burger down. She asks the other boy, "would you like a chicken nugget"
He says, "yes, please"
Jackson said, "I too, please would want a chicken nugget"
She says, "I'll ask you when it's time".
Now she sees me looking at her. She looks away from me and then talks sweetly to both kids, "One of the things your parents want you to learn is manners and it's my job to teach you".
Then she jams 1/4 of the burger in her face, follows it up with a drink of what looked like a soda and a long slurp of shake.  I mention the food etiquette, because this person was so repulsive, she shouldn't be schooling people on manners. Everything about her was unmannerly. Now, it's ten minutes and Jackson still doesn't have anything in front of him. Finally, the nanny says, "Jackson, are you ready for some French fries"
Jackson says, "yes, please" and she dispenses 4 or five fries to his napkin.
Meanwhile, she's got the chicken nuggets, burger, shake and other drink in front of her.

I'm a mother and here are my problems. I take my children to McDonalds, in a pinch. Even the "good" child was only allotted a miniscule amount of an XL fries. What is going on here? If the nanny wants to indulge her eating habits, I don't think it should be at the children's expense. I hope you don't think it was not a big deal to be so deliberatelycruel to a child. These boys were probably three years old. Jackson had on a brown hat with a bright yellow dump truck on it. The other twin had a NY Mets baseball cap. Both boys were white with sandy hair. The nanny wore a pink ribbed shirt and had on a gold headband that fairly prominent. I hope this gives you enough information to look in to the way your nanny (?) treats your children.


BKmommy said...

This made me sad reading it. Definitely not cool to treat one child better than the other. Good sighting OP.

nenanny said...

This made me sad too. Poor baby!

Again I wonder why some people become nannies.

RBTC said...

that is definite psychological abuse and physical ( not feeding ) abuse, thank you - OP for watching out for the kids - i hope the parents see this !

MissDeeDoesn'tLikeMondays said...

I watched "Supersize Me", that Mc D's documentary where the guy ate Mc D's for 30 days. I threw up from a mocha Frappe the other day...hmmm....coincidence? lol

My question is: why did she have all this food in front of her? My stomach is churning at the thought of the amount of food, and the site of her eating it.

She wants to teach manners? Apparently she doesn't know what "teachable moments" are: a better way to teach the child manners would be to politely say "I understand you are hungry. Grabbing is not very nice and hurts people's feelings. Let's try to use our words to ask for something. "May I have some fries please", or "please pass the fries." Simple. She taught him manners in a respectable way appropriate for his age. He didn't learn anything from the orginal exchange, and that doesn't teach him anything.

If she is like this in public, I can only guess what she is like at home.

hayfork classic said...

Crap. And I thought my nanny was a slob for eating a whole subway footlong on her own.

Alanna said...

Six inches has never satisfied me.

Kristen said...

It prob tastes better to her than DB Hayfork's footlong ;-)

Nay The Nanny said...

OP, excellent sighting and horrible nanny. :(

Beezus said...

@hayfork classic-Why is a nanny a slob for eating a foot long sub? I'm 103 pounds and I can clear one them in like 10 minutes tops.

Baller said...

they put crack in their lettuce. I can take out 18" of Italian BMT any given Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I actually happen to know exactly who you are talking about as I spent a large amount of time working in New Rochelle as a nanny. Currently I am in Rye full time but still visit the lovely New Rochelle.

Anyway, I have a few comments regarding your sighting. First things first, I definitely do not think the way the nanny handle this was appropriate. I find this behavior to be the norm throughout the town. Many of the African nannies are the same. (Not all) They are harsh and don't play around. As a current child psychology student I do not think this authoritarian style is successful.

With that being said, It should be known that these two boys have already driven away 4 nannies and are 4.5 years old. The second nanny whom I was friendly with, quit in fear of the kids ruining her career as they so often accused her of hitting them. There was many times I saw bruises on the nanny from the kids throwing things and hitting her.

I think it's important for families to know that being a nanny is not always easy for us. As I said, the way she acted is not right but also that's the families choice to hire a nanny who is overweight. Food is her thing I guess.. Also it is the families choice to hire a nanny who is a different culture. I promise you these nannies do not change their attitude while around parents. They may be slightly nicer but not the way you think. So I'll be honest I think the "sweet voice" you heard which you felt came from her seeing you in your imagination.