Day In The Life

3 kids...18 (L) months, 10 (A), 12 (J)

7am: Arrive at work to find L and A sitting in the living room watching Sesame Street. L has a sippy cup in her hand and she is in love with Elmo and "Cookie" MB is in her bedroom getting ready and J is in the shower. A gets up and retreats to the basement now that I'm here to keep an eye on L. I greet L and she usually says something like "No" thinking I'm going to remove her from her activity. I sit and cuddle with her for a bit.

7:20: I ask L if she is hungry and ask her to go to her chair. She runs over and waits until I put her in. I give her cereal and blackberries which she gobbles up like candy. She is a great eater and eats a lot and often but still is a tall, slimmer baby (maybe its all the running and dancing she does).

7:30 J makes his way downstairs and goes to the living room after greeting L. He checks his email, sports scores and the news. I take L out of her chair and she scurries into the living room to play. J talks to her in between news headlines while I clean up her chair.

7:40 I empty the dishwasher and load dishes in. L wanders in and helps. She's all about putting things in the trash and when she does it (wanted or unwanted) she says "thank you". Her mom's kindle has fallen victim to this resulting in the need to purchase a new one.

8:00 I call A up from downstairs and tell him its time for breakfast and tell J to do the same. They eat and make their lunches for the day (I stopped doing this about 6 months ago). L continues to play while I chat up the boys. After they are done making their lunches they go to the living room to hang out with L or watch youtube videos. They are easily distracted by L's singing and hugs.

8:30 time to head out to the bus. They brush their teeth and all of us go to the bus stop. L waits for her favorite neighbors who are just as happy to see her. 8:45 back in the house, L and I play and read "bookas". I usually eat breakfast during this time. Usually L heads to the window to look out her backyard for "puppies"(deer).

10:00 depending on her mood I usually put L down for a nap at this time. She goes down easy (I think she was 5 months when it was decided she should self soothe, prior to that she had to be rocked for a LONG time with fans and such on) and I tell her I love her (I point to my eyes, heart, and her) and she does the same hand gestures. I go downstairs and clean up a bit then watch hulu for about an hour before I take my own little power nap.

12:15 L wakes up and I let her talk in her crib for about 5 minutes while I get her lunch ready. I change her, and we eat lunch.

12:35 L wants to go "outside" for a "walka" and looks for her shoes. Every day I try and take her on a walk. I've done this since she was a baby. We go to the park on nice days (they have a really nice bike seat for her and in the summer we ride the trails near by). If I'm not careful I can be gone for 2 hours or more.

2:30 we come back for a snack and diaper change. We have downtime and play.

3:15 L is super crabby so I put her down for some quiet time

4:10 the boys come home and I ask A to go get L from her room (she gets SOOOO excited when she wakes up and the boys love seeing that) A does his homework and J is on the phone ready to go to a friends house.

4:30 I give L a heavy snack and we play some more. A usually has headed to the basement by now.

5:00 MB comes home. I give a report on the day; naps, feedings, activities, etc.

5:20 I get home, let my puppy out.

10:30 my head hits the pillow and my pager goes off (I'm a volunteer EMT on a mid-size fire dept) and I'm off to the station. If I transport to the hospital I'm gone a minimum of 2 hours. Most of our nighttime calls are between 10 and 2 am. Due the the adrenaline rush its often hard to get back to sleep (which is why I nap at work). I love my job, love my bosses, and those kids make my life. I also love that I can do what I love as far as an EMT and still function at my job (some days I'm a zombie).


Unemployednannya said...

Absolutely! I finished my job in January, I told DUA I was no longer needed. They did ask about severance pay, but since I didn't get any I don't know what difference it would make. DO do it tho, there isn't much out there, a least not here in MA. Lots of those weird hour jobs i.e 6.30-8.00am then back again at 3.00-7.00pm. Make sure you sign up with an agency (or 7!) prior to leaving. Best of luck!

A said...

Oops! Sorry, meant as a reply to post about unemployment! Obviously!

Wednesday said...

I love this! this is how you do the DITL!

Sounds like a fun day with great kids who love their baby sister

nenanny said...

My goodness you are a busy nanny!

Sounds like you love what you do.

L seems like a cuties pie! Have you thought about teaching her actual ASL? It's fairly simple and you can find easily on the internet.

J & A sound like typical, but sweet preteens

OP said...

We monkied around with ASL but L is very verbal for her age and i guess we got caught up in teaching her other things
J and A are amazing...very versatile kids. They have lived all over the world and about a month prior to their sisters birth moved to where they live now.

there are a few things I forgot to mention (I had a headache while writing this and I just wanted to get off the computer)

MB works from home often and has an office downstairs. Normally this would drive me nuts but she never interferes with my work. She takes breaks to work out or run an errand or take "L" breaks. SHe is amazing...sometimes she will come up and send me out for take out for her and I while she plays with L for a bit. We have the same parenting style which really pays off when it comes to the boys as far as limits go.

I had expressed my desire to become an EMT with other families and was told to choose work or school. This family understood it was one semester at night and felt my EMS skills could only benefit them as far as the safety of the children goes.

This is my last family...I'm not messing around trying to find one to top or match them.

Anonymous said...

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nenanny said...

It's great that you have a family you love it makes going to work each day so much better!

I love that you encourage your charges to be independent. It's becoming a lost trait.

Good luck in your EMT career!

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Laura said...

You sound like a fantastic nanny who's found a really wonderful family to be with. Kudos, and best of luck with your EMT career!

(Maybe we could get a moderator to clean up the spam comments on this post)



katydid said...

My head was spinning just reading that!

You sound like a great nanny and person!