Day In The Life of a Grumpy Live In

6:25 Hear baby (5months) crying next door and grunt quietly into my pillow. Roll over and try to go back to sleep as I don't technically start my day until 7:45. MB and DB are both home.

6:45 After 20 minutes of crying, and still nothing from MB or DB, I roll my eyes and grumpily get out of bed and go get the baby. Change the baby's diaper make him a bottle and bring him back into my bed. Feed the baby his bottle while I half sleep and pray to the mean sleep Gods that he'll fall back asleep.

7:00 Baby falls back asleep and I can finally shut my eyes and get another 30 minutes of sleep.

7:30 MB comes and knocks on my door and asks if I can start a little earlier today. I say yes of course even though in my head I am throwing the worst toddler temper tantrum. Get up and get dressed while the baby sleeps in my bed. Throw my hair into the messiest ponytail. Barricade the baby with pillows so he can't roll or fall of the bed and go and wake up Toddler and School Age.

7:40 Wake up School Age first and get him dressed. Wash his face and brush his teeth after telling him about a hundred times that he needs to focus and concentrate so that we can finish getting ready. Sneakily roll my eyes as he tells me that he knows all about concentration and that he is really good at it. After getting him dressed I tell him to go play in the playroom so I can get his siblings ready to go.

7:50 Wake up Toddler and plug my ears and she screams and throws the biggest tantrum over me changing her diaper. Wrestle her into the day's clothes and shoes. Wipe her face and put her hair in a ponytail so that she can "thee" (see). Tell her to go play with School Age in the playroom so that I can get Baby dressed and ready to go.

8:00 Change Baby's diaper and get him dressed. Bring him out to the dining room and place him in his high chair so that I can start preparing breakfast. Throw the toast in the toaster and burn my fingers and I rush to get it out before I burn it.  Spread some butter on the toast. Cut up lots of berries because just a couple berries are never enough for Toddler or School Age. Call T and SA to the table and tell them to eat their breakfast.

8:10 Scarf down some breakfast as fast as I can without choking since I know it'll be hours before I even see food again. Pour my strong coffee into my travel mug with a spoonful of sugar and two spoons of cream. Feed the baby another bottle before cleaning him up.

8:15 Tell the kids breakfast is over and throw their dishes into the sink. Tell them to wash their hands 20 times as they continue to argue with me that they don't want to.

8:20 Realize I forgot to pack the kid's lunches and throw some crap into their lunchboxes. I know I'll probably get an earful from their teacher about not following the food pyramid and "including one food from each food group".

8:30 Take B, T and SA out to the car. Get everybody strapped into carseats and boosters. Throw all the kid's crap into the trunk. Realize I forgot my cell phone and tell the kids I'll be right back. Run in and get my phone and come back to find that T and SA are arguing about something. Tell them both that we need to get along and it's not nice to yell out our friends and siblings.


8:45 Enter the preschool drop of circle and wait until it's our turn to drop off T. Finally our turn and help T out of the car. Give her a big hug and kiss and say we'll be back to pick her up in a few hours. Get back in the car and rush to get SA to school on time.

8:50 Back on the road. Talk to SA about what he can expect after school. I will be picking him up and taking him to Soccer practice. He reminds me to bring his favorite snack and I agree.

9:00 Get to SA's school, get him out of the car with his backpack and lunch bag. Unbuckle the baby and walk SA to his classroom. Say Hi to his teacher and give him a hug goodbye and remind him to listen to his teacher and play nicely with his friends.

9:10 Finally back to the car and on the road back to the house. Baby fusses in the backseat and I turn on the radio to my favorite country station and sing along on the ride home.

9:30 Pull into the driveway and open the garage door. Pull into the garage crossing my fingers that I don't hit anything like last time ;). Go straight inside and put B in his high chair for breakfast. Puree some peaches and make some rice cereal. B eats all of his breakfast and starts getting fussy which means it's nap time not just for him but for me as well.

9:45 Bring B into his bedroom and change his diaper. Sit in the rocking chair and sing him a couple lullabies while I fight to keep my eyes open.

10:00 B is fast asleep and I run out to the kitchen as fast as I can so I can rush through the dishes and fall into my bed.

11:30 Hear the baby crying and thank my lucky stars that I was able to nap for a whole hour! Go get the baby, change his diaper, and then feed him a bottle. As soon as he is done eating, we load back up into the car and go to pick up T.

12:00 Pick up T from preschool. We ask her all about her day and she tells that they learned about bumble bees and lady bugs. I ask if she can tell me the difference between the two bugs as we drive to the park. She tells me that bees are black and yellow and that ladybugs are red and black. She tells me that bees are mean and sting people when they are bothered and that ladybugs are nice and like to be held.

12:15. Pull into the park and remind T that she can't go and play until she finishes all of her lunch. Quickly mash up a banana for B to eat.

12:45 Lunch is finished and T is playing in the sand with her toys. She gets tired of the sand and runs to play on the slide. After that she decides to lay in the grass and look at the clouds. After that she wants to swing. I am tired just watching her. I take a large gulp of coffee and sing to B while his big sister plays.

1:45 Load back up int the car and head over to SA's school.

2:00 Pull into the school's parking lot and quickly "throw" T into the stroller while simultaneously strapping B to my chest in the Moby. Run into the school and straight to SA's classroom.

2:10 Doors open and kid's come running out to hug their caregivers. SA runs straight to my arms and gives me the biggest hug and excitedly starts telling me all about his day. I ask him to hold on so I can grab his lunch box and backpack and tell him he can continue telling me about his day as we walk back to the car.

2:20 Get the kids all in the car and start the drive home. On the way home we talk about what kind of snack we are going to have when we get home. SA tells me he would like applesauce and carrots, T tells me she wants strawberries and a granola bar, and B just squeals.

2:45 We are home and sitting at the dining room table eating our snacks. SA has a little meltdown telling me that he doesn't want to nap before soccer and T agrees. B slurps down another bottle and I scarf down a banana.

3:00 Kids are fed, hands are washed, diapers are changed, and potty trips have been made. SA and T are playing in the playroom while I put B down for his nap.

3:10 B is napping and now it's time to put T down for her nap.

3:15 T is napping and now it's time to put SA down for "quiet time" since he "doesn't want to nap and he doesn't have to!"

3:30 I drink another cup of coffee and lay down on the couch to check email, watch tv, and nap.

4:15 I get up and finally clean all the dishes from the day, wipe down the table, sweep the floor and pick up the playroom.

4:30 MB comes home from work and asks if I will take SA to soccer while she stays home with T and B and make dinner. I agree secretly thanking her for not saying I have to take all three kids to SA's soccer practice.

4:45 Go into SA's room since he "quiet time" is over. Help him into his soccer clothes and tell him to go get a bottle of water before we go out to the car.

5:00 Here B and T stirring in their rooms and go tell MB they are awake before bringing SA out to the car.

5:30 Pull into the parking lot and run over to the soccer field so that SA can start practice. During his practice I play games on my phone or call my mom and complain about the busy day I've had and how tired I am.

6:30 Soccer is over and we drive home for dinner.

6:45 Sit down at the table for dinner with B, T, SA, MB and DB. MB made homemade pizzas for all of us and I eat mine while thanking her for the delicious meal.

7:00 Finish my dinner and retreat to my room after a long and exhausting day.

For Reference:
SA = 5 and is in Kindergarden
T = 3.5 and is in Preschool
and B = 5months old

And you, what's your day like?


Nay The Nanny said...

I am exhausted just reading that, I only watch one toddler these days and that tires me out! But they sound like good kids. :)

Laura said...

That does sound quite tiring, but not nearly as awful as you make it out to be. The children sound charming, and I don't think MB and DB are asking too much of you (unless they pay poorly).



nenanny said...

Sounds like a busy day, but a good kind of busy the kids sound great.

I can see being annoyed by the constant time changes, that's part of the reason I'm live out only. Yes, I am flexible with start time too a point, but generally like to stay within my agreed upon hours. I think that would be hard to do as a live in.

Do you think having a bit more structure to your daily routine would help you be less grumpy and tired?

I have to agree with pp not leave the baby unattended while on the bed.

ericsmom said...

At least the OP is honest!! Not always fun to work over 12 hours a day. Three kids to shuffle around.

nenanny said...

No it's not always fun taking care of kids is hard tiring work, but OP seems like she's on the cusp of burnout. Like she's not enjoying her job. Which if that's the case it would be better for her and her charges to resign, and perhaps take a position with only 1 child.

Texas Nanny said...

You might want to consider work as a live-out nanny. They usually make more money and work less hours.I care for one infant, earn $13 a hour, and work 8-5 (M-F) I think it's decent money and hours especially for 1 child.

ChillyRainedOutMissDee said...

Talk about a busy girl and no time to yourself, to even eat or relax from the first school pick up to the second one. I also suggest maybe moving up preschooler's nap earlier and having another parent bring home the older child so you can have some time alone to relax during the day. I don't know how you do, considering all the running around you do within a short period of 5-6 hours.

Kat said...

Am I the only one who is angry for the Nanny that MB and DB just left her to get the baby an hour and 20 mins before she's supposed to start work??

She deserves better, no wonder she's mad.

Anonymous said...

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liberal arts nanny said...

Kat. No you're not the only one! From the tone I imagine grumpy nanny is grumpy because this happens more often than not. Maybe suggesting a baby monitor that lives in in M/DB's room would help? Just a friendly reminder that you're not on duty just yet.

Time to look for a new position / ask for a big ol' raise. The occasional soccer practice shouldn't be the only time you get a second to drink some water and sit on your bum.

AussieNanny said...

I know the feeling of being an overworked underpaid live in nanny. The person I worked for was a single dad and each new gf he brought home, he would just expect me to watch them for no extra. I got housework piled on top and demands like taking all the kids to theme parks etc. I got so over it I took a sick day and stayed at a friends place. I came home the next day to find my stuff broken and on the front lawn... I've been meaning to jot down my story and email it in. So keep your eyes out for more by this Aussie Nanny.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

My goodness OP!! Just reading this made my head spin round and round. {It actually is still spinning as I type this out! LOL!} My you have your hands full literally and figuratively. Whew!

Anyway, I think it is rude + inconsiderate how the parents didn't get up when the baby woke up, then the mother wakes you up @7:30AM and asks you if you can start early. I mean...she didn't even give you adequate notice!! WTF??!!

Your job sounds very draining and I have to admit, I do not envy you one bit. In all honesty, one could never pay me ENOUGH to do what you do everyday. I hope you are making a pretty penny.

The only good part of this job was the fact that you got to eat homemade pizza for dinner! Yummy yummy!

OP, you sound 100% burned out and I really think you should either get a less demanding job w/fewer kids or this family should hire a 2nd nanny.

You don't sound too happy in this job and you will soon burn out so much that you will have no other choice but to walk away.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

@Aussie Nanny:

Please Oh Please...Share your experience in the Nanny Horror Story Section.

It already sounds like a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I nanny a 6 yo, 4 yo and 7 month old and although I am not a live in, I work 10 hour days and do not sit idle while the preschooler plays on the playground- I have baby in hand playing alongside 4 yo and do not get an hour to nap or any time to watch tv or be on my phone at all. I am busy busy busy but I love the children and am committed to only giving them the best care possible, as that's what I am being paid for.

With regards to the baby waking up early- speak up to MB and DB, you are a professional and need to be able to communicate frustrations so you do not passively aggressively take it out on the children

NayTheNanny said...

Anonymous, with all due respect...you sound a bit high and mighty to me...on the judgmental side. I think we all need at least a short break during a 10 hour work day...to say you don't need even a moment to relax in 10 hours every day, all while juggling 2-3 tots and that you spend every second entertaining them...well you must be superhuman then and you put all of us human nannies to shame. This is coming from a nanny who also LOVES her job and LOVES her charge. I bust my butt for her and enjoy what I do...I also take total advantage of nap time so I have the energy to resume the fun after nap time is over.

Starshine said...

OP you sound awful. Those kids deserve so much better than the groaning, eye rolling, lazy effort you are putting in. I just don't feel sorry for people like you. Quit if your so miserable,

NannyAnne said...

I think some of the comments here are a bit harsh. I'm giving OP the benefit of the doubt and thinking that she used the term "grumpy" to express how she feels on those long tiring days. I didn't see where she "took it out on the kids", she seems to care for the kids, asking them about their day and such. She just sounds busy to me, and possibly a bit under appreciated (but hopefully not!).

Sara Hafezi said...

I am truly horrified that the parents left a crying baby in the crib while they were both home and expected the OP to get up over an hour before her shift starts and take care of him. That is so disrespectful of the employers, not to mention negligent to the baby.

a mom of 3 said...

Honestly, you sound like a whiner. If I wrote down every detail of my day it would sound "exhausting" too. You're getting paid to do a job...and frankly it doesn't sound that hard. I mean, you nap from 10:30-11:30 every day while the baby sleeps....that's a pretty long break. The ride to preschool takes 5 minutes but the ride to pick up from preschool takes 30? And then you take another 45 min break at 3:30...and at 4:15 you clean all the dishes from the day....are you washing them twice because you cleaned all the bfast dishes right before your morning nap...how many dishes can you possibly have from lunch from a toddler lunch and 1 mashed up banana? I think you need to find another line of work

Wha...? said...

Nay, she needs a break? She took an hour long nap and sat on the couch for 45 minutes in the afternoon. Most of us are lucky to have 10 minutes to scarf down a meal. When I worked my live in job at 18, I took it seriously, I never napped while the kids napped and I was working when they were napping. Many of us work 12 hour days in this field.

oh well said...

I don't think that it is such a big deal that MB asks you to start 15 minutes early.
The baby waking up early is not cool, though.
I think you should count your day as
starting from the moment baby first wakes up.
Barricading the baby on your bed is a terrible idea, just put her back in her crib.
Have the kids help with cleaning the breakfast table. You could prepare some of the lunch bags on the night before with them. Even they can't really "help", it would be good for them and for you to involve them in some of your chores.
You sound like you are trying to do your job right, but you also sound terribly bored with your job.

Siriusly_:James said...

I think it's a big deal to be asked to start 15 minutes early. I'm a live-in and I use the last 15 minutes to get ready for the mini-monsters ;) Change my clothes, put my (very long) hair up, etc.
Hours are hours, no matter if you're live-in or live-out. I could have plans. (And yes, showering, doing my hair and sleeping are plans). Same goes for when I'm supposed to leave.
Don't get me wrong, I would take care of these babes from 6 AM to midnight if they asked me to, but I have to be asked, otherwise it's serious overtime. Any overtime I don't know about in advance counts for twice the time in my books.

As for the baby waking up... If that's really on purpose from the parents' side, what lazy parents! However, are you absolutely sure they hear him? If I were you, I would treat it asa mistake and say, "this morning, I heard B crying for a long time, and I went in to get him. Does the baby monitor not work? Did you not hear him? What happened???"

I mean, seriously, you're a professional, and it sounds like you're professional in the way you treat the kids, but you need to be professional in the other areas too - ask for set hours, talk to MB and DB about the morning baby, prepare those lunches in advance... All in all, instead of being grumpy, make some differences in your life to make it more enjoyable, or switch jobs!

I wish you the best! :)

Kristen said...

Being asked to work 15 mins early as a live-in nanny is no different than being asked to come into the office 15 mins early -- in other words, inappropriate, although not as egregious as being forced to work 1 hr. 20 mins early because the baby is being neglected by the parents.

OP is being taken advantage of and hopefully is making an excellent salary.

Kristen said...

Also, I read "grumpy" as how she feels, not how she acts with the kids. Nothing in her DITL would hint otherwise.

Maybe Not Grumpy? said...

Everyone who has sent in an entry to this site knows that what you title your entry is not necessarily the name it will be given on the site. OP may have said absolutely nothing about being grumpy, this may just be the name that jane doe picked.

I don't think OP sounds grumpy or whiny at all. Asking her to start early with NO notice is totally over the line. The parents are also taking advantage of OP by making her get up with the baby over an hour before she is on duty.

MissMannah said...

I have said it a million times and I'll say it again: you teach people how they are to treat you. If you consistently go get the baby before your start time, the parents will come to expect it. If you are hourly, I sure hope you got paid for that extra hour in the morning. If not, it is your own fault for not speaking up. You cannot expect your boss to treat you with respect if you refuse to respect yourself as a professional.

And I agree with the others about putting the baby on the bed surrounded by pillows. Hello, SIDS?

OH said...

I am sure this young woman is a lovely nanny but leaving a infant on a bed is very dangerous and shows a lack of good judgement. This is why after my son was born I decided to stay home, when you have a stranger caring for your child you just never know.

megthenanny said...

I am most appalled at the fact that the parents are ignoring their child's cry in the morning, leaving you to go get him. However, I have to agree with what MissMannah said. If you consistently go get the baby in the morning, instead of having a conversation with the parents, they will come to expect it. And it sounds like they have.

riderthenanny said...

Hmmmm... I think this nanny is only human and she isn't a horrible nanny. I also think she shows an interest in what the children do, as she writes about what the girl learned at preschool, and hugs and kisses her. I don't think that we can be expected to love every second of our jobs. BUT... I would debate the merits of posting something like this on the internet. Would you want your boss reading this if you were this nanny? Anyway, some things I've noticed: Kids are not 'just a paycheck'. However, the parents expecting the nanny to give up almost an hour and a half of sleep to look after their baby when her day hasn't started, and then to have the audacity to ask her to start early with no notice, is just not on. Pull them up about it (although don't get hooked into a slanging match). But - why did you put the baby in bed with you? That's downright dangerous. Another thing - Discipline. Things like telling the kids about twenty times to wash their hands. Don't get hooked into an argument. I learned this the hard way, but if they don't do as they're told, don't argue. Give them two warnings and then a time out, or put a belonging of their's into time-out. Another thing: Does a five-year old really need a nap? Couldn't you put the other two down for a nap and then do something like baking or playing a board game with him instead of spending a good part of an hour checking email (when you've already had an hour's break, and you appear to have another hour's break while the boy plays soccer?) Also, do you have to do any chores for the children like folding laundry? That is also something you could do in the second forty five minute bracket, and would be much more useful of your time and your boss's money.

no! said...

The nanny should not be folding any clothes or doing any chores outside of her job description ( on a regular basis) poor advice rider.