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So there have been so long breaks and unexplained absences. There has been some spam, some shit talking and some blog bashing. We were kind of back, but now we're really back.  If you want to read the blog, read the blog. If not, don't. If you've been around forever and still check in, we owe you our lives!

Weekly Contest:
Nanny with best resume gets her resume posted on a ISYN.
(submissions will be posted on a weekly basis subject to quality of resumes)

My Nanny Cost Me:
I received a submission from a woman with a wild tale of how her summer nanny ended up costing her family over a hundred thousand dollars. She suggested, surely other people's nanny's have gotten them in financial hot water? How, you may ask? Stay tuned. If it happened to you, send in your story.

Don't Work For:
A black list of employers to be avoided and why.

Odd requirements:
Some nannies have to do the strangest things as part of their daily and weekly routines. Anything that's been requested of you that you care to share? This would be something you comply with and why.

The one that got away:
The nanny/employer relationship is very personal and at some point conflict will arise. Employers and employees have shared with us some of the concessions they wish they would have made or positions they regret not having stayed with. What about you? Have a story?

An ongoing Friday feature that will feature nanny salaries across the country. This is the form for submission:
Today's pay:
Pay period: (i.e. 40 hours, 3 days, 2 weeks, 5 10 hours days...)
Method of payment: cash check other:
Taxes on the books or off:
Disposition of payment: (i.e. direct deposit, envelope of cash in the teapot, personal check handed to me at end of day)
Adjustments to pay: (raise started this week, docked for being late, includes 3 hours of overtime @ 20 per hour, reimbursed for $74 gas)
Pay supplements ( i.e. insurance, 501K, employer pays taxes, gym memberships, bonus, tip)

Look what we made:
A photo of a project, craft or confection your charge or child and you have made together, along with the instructions for readers.

Once a week, we will print a story submitted by a nanny or employer of their nanny/family vacation.
Look for our first story on Monday!

My Nanny and I:
Once of our contributors is actively gathering stories from adults who were raised by nannies. We even have a submission from a teen who has had the same nanny since birth.

Child Quotations:
Submit your favorite children's or childcare applicable quote for publication.

Do you not see anything you like?
Give us some ideas. Emails should be sent to
When submitting your sighting, story or post, please indicate if you would like credit and link back to your blog and include the correct URLs.


VA Nanny said...

I think this list could make for a great blog. However I do have a suggestion. When the idea for Day in the Life was proposed it was also a great idea, but then the blog was completely inundated by DITL stories and they got pretty dull and repetitive. I see a few things on the list that could go the same way if they are all published at once. Since the blog will now be fully functional I think it would be a good idea to have specific days for certain features. You've already mentioned that it will be the case for the vacation feature and several others. Post one or a few each week, rather then all at once as they come in. That way folks won't become so sick of them. Obviously time sensitive questions and nanny sightings should be posted as they come in. Would it be helpful for folks to specify in the subject of emails what their submission is?

bentsii said...

great ideas. I also like and miss CL, WTF. Do you need someone to help with that? I always thought I could put that together well.

nenanny said...

I like most of the ideas!
Please don't discontinue DIL maybe just have a weekly posting of them. Please don't give up on the advice.

Maybe you can do a weekly Q&A like an Interview with the Nanny. I know there are many experienced nannies that read here that would have great career stories.

My one concern is the blacklists. I think that could turn very ugly very fast and even potential legal action. Be very careful about that!

Effie, vice president, I Saw Your Nanny said...

Thank you for your feedback. Blacklisted employers will be edited so that the general public wouldn't know the identity, but potential nannies when in contact would recognize the foul employer.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Wow...I cannot wait for the new direction this blog is going in. I look forward to the new topics and will be on here on a regular basis.

One piece of advice however:
Since this is a NANNY blog, it would be best to omit any swear words. I know MPP dropped the "F" bomb on occasion, however if you really want this blog to look relevant, it would look much classier w/out using bad language. Using bad language only cheapens this blog.

Just my opinion....Again...I look forward to coming back and reading some of your new features/ideas.

maybe said...

My mind is drawing a complete blank on the technical name for this, but would it be possible have an "expand" option for some of the lengthier articles? There's a lot of "day in the life" hate, and they tend to be among the longer posts so they're a pain to scroll past if you don't want to read them; anyway they could have maybe the first paragraph and then a link you click on for the rest - like an ? It might clean things up a bit and means that if people want to read them they can, and if they don't they can skip over them more easily.

maybe said...

that space before the question mark had "lj cut" in command things - I guess blogger didn't like it.

Miss Van Pratt, Media Director said...

That makes great sense. Let me get with Chauncey & Lizbit, they're working on layout.

Blackcherries said...

I like everything you listed.
I check this blog almost every day too see if there is something new. If there is something boring, I don't read it BUT I still come back to this blog!!
I was sad when I was checking and nothing was on. But I am glad you are back and I can't wait for the new stories!!

RBTC said...

a problem in the past was posters bashing OPs - this resulted in people writing that they were scared to post a nanny sighting - hopefully that won't happen anymore ;)