Holiday Bonus, Part 4

Holiday Bonus, Part 4
Bonus: nothingGifts: $25 Old NavyWeekly
Salary: 0-40 hours: $500...any hour after 40 I get a set hourly rate for over time
Location: Milwaukee, Wi
Length worked for Family: it will be a year this January
Comments: I really didn't expect a bonus because I have had more paid vacation in the last year then Ive had in my whole life! Plus I'm getting nearly 2 weeks paid vacation for that puts me at at least 4 since
I started. They are a very generous and accomodating family who has allowed me the pleasure of going back to school (they even have gottten additional child care for nights I have to leave early).  And the gift card was a nice gesture.  Not to sound naive but I'm very satisfied with what I got. When you factor in all the paid vacation its more then any family has ever given me.  They are wonderful

* Bonus this year (2012): nothing monetary
* Your weekly salary:$800 (live in)
* Any supplementary gifts aside from the Bonus: A Marc Jacobs computer case that I mentioned wanting, and a couple of Nike clothing items. 
* Length of time you have worked for the Family: 5 months
* City, State and Country where you live: Virginia and Florida. We spend 4
months of the winter in Florida. 
* Additional comments: I'm pretty sure that my bosses don't know that bonuses are mostly standard in the nanny biz. I'm not really upset by it because I know it's not a reflection on how they feel about my
performance, but it would have been nice. I think even though I didn't really expect one, on some level I was still hopeful so I can't help but feel a bit let down. Oh well. 

Bonus (2012): zero
Weekly Salary:  $315
Other Gifts:  Cooking Tools
Length of Time with Family: two years PT then two years FT
Location: Des Moines Iowa USA
Comments:  In the past, I got $100.  This year the family is going through a few hard financial situations.  Therefore, I am honestly pleased that I get to keep my job.  My clients could choose an in-home
daycare for a third of the cost of what I get paid.  I enjoy the children, and am glad I get to work with them.

bonus: $1300
weekly salary: $600
supplemental gifts: ! years gym membership, 6 sessions with private trainer of my choice, cashmere
scarf, scented candle, kitchen equipment, gold leather diary, photo box, book,body lotion.
length of time worked for family: 14 years
city: London, UK
Additional comments. very happy with all my beautiful gifts and my bonus which i also get on my birthday every year.

Bonus this year-$500 cash
Weekly salary-$725 take home for 40 hours
Supplementary gifts- iPad, lululemon coat, makeup from sephora and a bunch of stuff from there the kids chose for me, Starbucks card, a gift certificate for a Mani-pedi Last spring as a gift this family bought me a car for my personal use, separate from the nanny vehicle. Included
the extended warranty and prepaid maintainance
Length of employment-3 years
Pittsburgh, PA
 I truly am blessed to have wonderful employers who care about me and treat me like family. They are always kind and always nice and never difficult to work for. I love their children as if they are my own.

1,000 bonus and card plus cookies and a bag of pop corn :))).
Weekly pay of 450.
Worked for family sinceJuly.
Columbus, Ohio. :))) My bosses and little one are awesome :)))). 

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♥ Amy Darling ♥ said... I've said before, it is very refreshing to see how grateful these nannies are to have wonderful families to work for. It seems they truly appreciate EVERYTHING they have knowing not everyone is fortunate to work for good families.

To the nanny of 5 months who was a little let down....I think after you work for them at least a year, they may start handing out bonuses. Perhaps they think it is still too early. Hang in there!

Congrats to all of you.
You guys are awesome. ♫