Growing Salary for growing family?

Hello Nannies and Parents,
I have a question concerning salary. I currently nanny full time for 3 children and make $550 a week. The family is expecting their fourth child in June and I was wondering if I should expect a raise when she comes. I would love to hear from both parents and nannies. Did you give/get a raise when a new addition was added to the family? If so, how much was it? Thank you very much!


Nanny said...

Yes, of course you should be making more money if you are taking care of an additional child. Especially an infant, many infants need extra attention as opposed to school aged children that can do activities on their own with a bit of guidance.
What area do you live in 550$ for 3 children is a pretty low salary, are you driving the children?

alex said...

You definitely should expect an increase because not only is it adding another child but it is adding an infant. On another note is the $550 a week before or after taxes? I am hoping it is after because if it is before for three children I think you deserve more.

Penny said...

$550 a week! I would LOVE to see these families who employ nannies try & survive in that lousy salary each week! It amazes me that people want private day care & do not see having in home care with a nanny is a privilege not a must have! You should most definitely ask for a raise just tell them with the impending birth of the baby you feel you need to be better compensated. Be calm & kind yet not get walked on. Make it a two way street topic. Good luck OP!

Snow said...

I feel like the exact same question was here only last week.

Anyway, yes, You should absolutely ask for and receive a raise for the new child. The raise should be given as soon as the baby is born and not delayed until mum returns from maternity leave.

A newborn is a lot of work. The average is about 1to 2 additional dollars per hour a week per additional child at the minimum.

I also believe you are being underpaid for caring for 3 children, but I caution against trying to receive more pay for those 3 at this raise.

Good luck an enjoy the new baby!

Nanny nyc said...

You need a raise for each child as each one is added work. And you are getting paid very little for 3. Where is your job? In NYC you can ask for 1400 a week before taxes for 3 kids easily (for a professional, experienced nanny).

Their Amby said...

It depends on where you are on how much your raise should be, but you absolutely should be getting a raise. Obviously NYC nannies are getting paid more, and should expect more, whereas if you live in Georgia, it is a different story. My suggestion is, do some internet research. There are a lot of surveys out there that answer these questions for you. Recently the family I nanny for had a third child. I live in the Seattle area, and found a survey that told me the average increase for an extra child was $2/hr. It is better to go into a conversation like this prepared with an idea as to what is fair than to have no idea what to expect. Chances are, your MB and DB are doing the same research because they have no idea what it should be either.