Hello Loyal Supporters of ISYN,
Since my move to New Mexico, MPP has been instrumental in keeping the blog going. I am incredibly indebted to her for her effort and loyalty. This has been a rough period for MPP. In order to keep the blog going until her return, I have set up an alternate email address for submissions. Anything sent to this address will post to the blog immediately. Send your submisisons to

 I am working on finishing the Bonus Feature MPP had invested so much time in. Look for that on the blog on Valentine's Day and many more changes to update the blog!

 Best to you all, L


Nay The Nanny said...

Thanks for stepping in. :) I'm sure MPP appreciates it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Looking so forward to seeing the bonus results today! Use it every year as essential research information to provide to my clients.

Eager to Read said...

Hi! Still going to publish the bonus feature???

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Dear Readers,
I am so sorry for my absence... Jane has been incredibly supportive in trying to keep the blog alive for all of us as busy as she is and I am so grateful for her friendship.

I am sure everyone is curious to what has happened with me and I apologize for not coming forward before now but I suffered a serious health crisis and then a couple of weeks ago my beloved brother passed away, falling 12 stories from an oceanfront hotel. There is an on-going investigation into his death because of its suspicious circumstances.

I am trying my best to deal with this pain. I miss all of you terribly and hope to be back soon. Much love, MPP.