Walgreens in New Canaan, CT

I saw a middle aged, Asian Nanny driving a red Jaguar station wagon (tan interior) with a U Michigan license plate frame - can you believe I didn't think to get the plate?!!! She was at the Walgreens in New Canaan at 2:15 today, Monday December 10, 2012, and left your baby and toddler in the car while she ran into the store. When I realized the children were alone, I stood by the car until your nanny came out. She immediately started yelling at me that "She didn't want to come down, don't you understand? I just run into store to get something, She didn't want to come down, OK?" When I responded "no, it's not ok", and an assortment of other things like " you cannot leave babies in the car by themselves, ever"  your nanny suddenly decided she was unable to speak English. I've reported it to the New Canaan police department.
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♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

This is absolutely horrible. I cannot believe she left two young children alone in a car...even for a few seconds.

I would have immediately called the police and I bet she would have been arrested on the spot.
Good for you OP for calling them.
This woman should never be around young children. Ever. Again.

old-timer said...

This is one neglect that we all know can quickly turn into a tragedy. Who cares if the child didn't want to come in with the nanny? Does the nanny not have any control over the child? This is just so wrong and I hope her mom hears about it. Thank you for posting, OP.

MissMannah said...

Glad you reported this to the cops! I hate when I see people do this. You never know what could happen in those two minutes it takes to run into the store.

FreezingMissDee said...

Running into the store to get something. You get it. Then you are on your way to checkout when a display catches your eye. You stop and check out display. Then you remember you need something else. Finally, you remember a few more things you need. Now you are headed for checkout. There is a line. You check your watch or the clock. You pay for the items.

TET (total elapsed time): 10-15 minutes.

What can happen to a child or children in a running car in 10-15 minutes while we are in the store:

-toddler could unbuckle himself in the seatbelt unlock the door, and get out of car, leading to injury, etc.

-toddler could unbuckle self and sibling or siblings, attempting to carry them inside the store, leading to injury.

-toddler could get in driver's seat, pretending to "drive" and put car in wrong gear, leading to serious injury.

-children could be kidnapped and car stolen. Enough said.

"'Nanny, how could you let _______________ do this while in the car?'"

"'I only went in the store for a couple of things'".

Oh the horror!

RBTC said...

you are a hero OP to guard those 2 kids, let us know any updates

maybe you caused her to realize people ARE watching

Anonymous said...

OP here, Thanks for posting everyone, I'm only hoping that someone knows this family by the description of their car/ nanny.
I posted the same announcement on the town's and it got revoked!
Can't believe I didn't get the tag!
And, btw, you cannot keep an eye on the car from inside of this store.
Praying for those kids. I will let you know if I hear of anything. If any of my friends or I see the vehicle again, we will get the tag and hopefully contact a parent!

Nay The Nanny said...

Wow OP...good for you! Something similar happened to me a few years ago, but it was a mother...ugh. :(

RBTC said...

keep it up Op - you may be saving those kids lives ;)

anon reader said...

OP, post on craigslist...
Next time you are on that Walgreens, look around for her car. Maybe she or her bosses live in the area.