This is a slice of what I do. Everyday is different. That is why I enjoy being a nanny. My job is never boring.

7:11 I kiss my boyfriend and head to work flipping stations. I pause long enough to sing along with "I'm a believer," by SmashMouth and "You are Holy," by Michael W. Smith.

8:04 I arrive late as usual cursing myself in my head to get my tardiness under control. I am greeted by a happy five year old. I unload dishwasher and praise myself for getting the top unloaded.

8:19 MB leaves to drop off the two older children at school while two year old Obadiah* blows kisses and waves calling "Dwive safe!" though the front dining room window.

8:28 As I slice cucumbers, strawberries, and apples, Obbie* does his new trick on his blue rocking horse. "Wook! Wook at me!" he calls as he stands on the back of the horse and rocks at gravity defying angles. I give him a thumbs up not choosing this battle because he is only four inches off the ground.

8:39 We read four books. Two of them matched our Holiday theme. One matched our letter M theme, and the last was a classic "Three Little Pigs."

9:02 I ask Obbie* if he needs to potty before we go out. He says, "no." I encourage him to at least try.

9:16 I strap Obbie* in his car seat reminding him to pull the top restraint up to his nipples. "Why?" he asks. "Where is my complete sentence?" I ask patiently. "Why I need to my nippows?" he asks. I inform him he needs to be strapped in safe. We listen to Laurie Berkner on Pandora before arriving at the mall.

9:49 I unstrap Obbie* and grab our Star Wars lunch box holding hands as we walk into the mall. Obbie* goes straight to the train table as I gently remind him him "In ten minutes, we will go to listen to a story."

9:56 The intercom reminds us story time will start in five minutes. I remind Obbie* and ask him how many five is. He holds up two hands. "Nope, try again," I encourage. He holds up one hand, and I smile and nod.

10:04 Obbie* finds a green chair up front while I sit on a wood bench off to the side six feet away where we still see each other, but I am not taking a seat away from another child.

10:31 After two books and some coloring, we return to the train table. When he starts to wander and look disinterested, I suggest we go downstairs to the Play Place. His eyes glaze over, and I remind him to use his words."One more minute?" he asks holding up two fingers. I smile and nod.

10:51 We skip to our Lou through the middle of the mall to the play place. Some laugh; some smile. I don't care. I am 28, and the children keep me young.

11:43 We potty and wash hands before lunch. I order chicken and fries while unpacking the Star Wars lunch box. Obbie* asks for his apple juice, but I tell him to eat a few bites of actual food before I can give him his cup. He finishes all of his strawberries and pokes holes in his cucumber slices. I offer him some chicken bites and he gladly gobbles them in one bite each.

12:18 We walk hand in hand to my car. Obbie* asks if a black Toyota is mine. I say, "No, but it does look like my green Honda doesn't it?" I hand Obbie* an ABC book as I drive back to his home. He comments as I drive. "Is dis a Q?" "I found T! I found dah letter T!" "Dat a wed wight, Manna." "Thank you for reminding me," I respond reminding myself not to skirt through yellow lights.

12:46 I arrive at his home, unlock the door and remind Obbie* to potty and find a diaper for nap. He sings, "Life is a Highway," from his favorite movie.

12:59 We both climb into a twin sized bed and cuddle listening to Deepak Chopra on Pandora.

1:21 I ask if Obbie* if he is asleep. He nods gently with his eyes closed. If he smiled huge and squinted his eyes, that means he is not really sleep yet. Even though he is unconscious, I tell him I will go downstairs to do dishes in ten minutes.

1:32 Obbie* is good and asleep. I kiss his forehead, and walk downstairs to finish unloading the dishwasher. Then, I load it as I listen to "Braking Dawn" by Stephanie Meyer.

2:26 I pause my book to take out the trash and recycling. I press resume as I take down eight pieces of artwork hung and displayed over the last month. I label each piece with the month, year, child's name, and child's age. Then, I place each piece in a save box for MB.

3:29 I rub Obbie's* back telling him it is time to awake. He scowls at me red faced blond hair a sweaty mess and shoves his arms high in the air. "Words?" I ask. "Cawy me, pwease," he huffs.

3:41 After a snack of peanut butter and wheat crackers, DB arrives with the nine year old and five year old from school. I argue with the nine year old about his homework before threatening to take away his Lego privileges.

3:57 I practice math facts with the nine year old. Then, I tell DB about Obbie's* day before leaving.

4:04 I start "Braking Dawn" again as I pull away from the curb and drive home.

4:56 I exit my car, make a couple calls and organize supper plans.

*Obadiah is a name change.

Thank you for reading, "Nannytastic"
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♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

OP ~ I loved reading this! You are one helluva nanny and your charge is one helluva kiddo! I love your sense of humor (and his!!) and your chemistry is so apparent. You love your job and it shows. Obbie is so darn lucky to have you as his nanny!!

The only thing I disagree w/is waking up a sleeping child.
I have had parents ask me to do this on occasion and it is always hard for me to do...don't know why!

Anyway, you rock Nannytastic!!

old-timer said...

I loved your DITL, nannytastic! I wish more posters would send theirs in! You seem like a great nanny (who loves her music!) lol :)

MissMannah said...

This was a great DITL! (even though you spelled Manna wrong :P) I love how you encourage Obbie to speak in full sentences and to try things on his own. He sounds like a great kiddo.

Bethany said...

great read! Obie sounds previous and you sound like a great nanny

Ashley said...

You are a wonderful nanny. They are lucky to have you. I hope they take as good care of you as you take care of their precious children.