Contract Needs More than Basic Neccessities

I want to upgrade my contract for any future jobs, and I feel like my current one is too basic. Do you think it's ok for a nanny to have her own standard contract? How long should a contract be? What sort of things do you cover in your contracts? - Anonymous


NannyTastic said...

Yes, it is more than okay for nannies to have contracts. Ask yourself what would have gone smoother in your other clients if you this, this, and this outlined.

After watching a twelve year old , I learned that while tv is good (great even), I didn't like how the mom let him watch it before homework was done. Two hours a day is my limit.

With each family, I learned something.

Village said...

Have you googled nanny contracts? There are several on the Internet that might be of help.

Bethany said...

It's fine to bring a contract with you. It helpe you figure out what you are willing to negotiate on and what you aren't. It's also a great way to start a dialogue with parents. Just be open to negotiating things specific to the needs of the family.

As far as length goes I think it needs to be as long as needed to cover alll important topics related to the job.

The contract I use is 23 pages long I include a section on rates for different services. Covers topics like
schedule, benefits, salary, taxes,vacation time, days not required to work,over time, late fees. job duties, number of children , health & safety, nanny cams, discipline policiy, mandated reporter, criminal background check for both myself anf the employer, daily communication, trasportation, overnights, travel, on-call, babysitting, working on holidays, braks, meals, job related expenses, performance appraisals, contract reviews, cofidentiality agreement for both myself & employer, and termination.

I second you going to google to get some ideas. you can tweak it to your situation.