Brand Decision

Expecting mommy here... Can you nannies (or parents) suggest a cloth diaper brand? - Anonymous


GreenNanny said...

I have nannied for a few moms that had cloth diapers and I can say that I really like them much better than regular disposables. I can't remember the brand name but there are disposable and cloth liners (I think cloth is easier and CHEAPER!) and I plan on using them on my own children. There is a website that has a bunch of brands so you can peruse and see which one works. I like the one size fits all so they can grow with the baby and you dont have to worry about sizes or buying a whole new set!
Hope that helps!

Bethany said...

I've come around to like cloth diapers.

Favorites used on past charges are

Lil Joey's for newborns.

For larger babies and toddlers

1. Bumgenius specifically the all in one. I love not needing to use inserts

2. Fuzzibunz

ATL Nanny said...

I recommend purchasing a trial package like the one available about Jillian's Drawers -- -- It's a great, affordable way to try out lots of different brands and styles. There are lots of great brands and everyone has different favorites.

ColoradoNanny said...

Check out styleberry blog, she talks a lot about cloth diapers and why she uses the ones she does.

Oceanblue said...

I hate g diapers.

Favorite I have used in the past was the AIO from Bumgenius.

But different people like different things. I would get a sampler and see what you like.

Congrats on the little one!

MissMannah said...

Congrats on the baby...and for choosing cloth! I get so excited about cloth diapers, I can't wait to have my own so I can use them!

From what I've seen, many of them are all alike so why bother going with the expensive brands? Some of these can run $20 a diaper. I recommend Green Bees, because I know they work great, they are cheap and I used to watch the owner's son.

anon poster said...

I was very squeamish about cloth diapers when my current nanny family brought it up. They tried three brands and the CLEAR winner was G-pants. They can be used with either cloth or disposable liners and are really easy to clean. They were designed by a Mom on Oregon who uses an all natural and earth friendly approach with all G products. Now i prefer changing cloth diapers over mainstream disposables

Bethany said...

Never heard of greebees I'll check them out.

I'm another nanny that was initially unsure of cloth diapers, but like them now.

I do prefer the styles that don't require you to stuff or remove inserts.

MissMannah said...

Bethany, Green Bees only use inserts. They are covers and pockets. So if you only like AIOs, they wouldn't be a good choice for you. I personally really like covers and inserts because you just lay the inserts in there and can reuse the cover if it doesn't get messy. It is cheaper than buying AIOs.

nannydee said...

Greenmountaindiapers workhorse diapers with any sort of flushable liner and any sort of cover. They are the most amazing things on the market.