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Lyn said...

I can't get over this picture! So funny!

RBTC said...

many of us appreciate the opportunity for unmoderated communication - and i believe we will all earn it ;)

anon poster said...

(re-post for Anonymous)

Anyone have a suggestion on an aupair/nanny service for an American who would like to live abroad? I have found several websites, but was wondering if you all could suggest a service to help with the placing.

Anonymous said...
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♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

That baby is a dead ringer for a cabbage patch doll!!! LOL.

I love the baby pictures that get posted in here.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...


I have been super busy the past couple of days but will have some new material to post tonight.


nanny s said...

Re: au pair service-

I used to find my current job. There is a fee, I believe it's something like $40/3 months of full access. I paid it and was speaking seriously with three families. I was very happy with the "questionnaire" section on the profiles.

A tip about agencies- I would definitely use a website to "pre-match" with a family, then use an agency to do the paperwork for you. The thought of being "matched" with a family by a third party without making the decision for myself really wasn't okay with me. Good luck!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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MaryPoppin'Pills said...

To everyone that sent in Submissions the past couple of days, they will all be going up tonight... thank you for being so patient!