Glenridge/Montclair, NJ

Hello all! I just started a before and after school nanny gig. The boys are 1st and 3rd grade. I am responsible to take them out have fun and organize play dates. So far so good with the first 2 but now I am looking for play dates. We are in Glenridge/Montclair area. If any nanny wants to meet up with their charges let me know - email me I am allowed to travel to you too if need be.


Manhattan Nanny said...

As the boys are in school, they will want playdates with their friends from class. You can chat with other nannies and moms at pickup, or use the class list to e-mail or phone to arrange playdates.
Make sure you have good snacks on hand!

:) said...

Just wanted to say that I love the name Amanda/Manda. Id be interested but I'm in California, lol.